Have you ever wondered if the dance gets any closer? You already know the answer, and you certainly do. Dancing helps a lot to flirt, at least to meet people of the other sex.

Surely if you've started dancing salsa, bachata or kizomba a while ago, or you're thinking about joining dance classes, or you've been dancing for some time now, you've already met someone who's known their partner dancing salsa, bachata or any other social dance, am I right?

Today we want to tell you that it is not a matter of luck to get more involved with dancing, but when you are involved in this world, you realize that multiple opportunities are generated to do so as you continually experience some of these 7 keys to why it is linked if you dance salsa.

1. Breaking the ice for the first conversation

When you're in a dance hall, it's common for you to spend a few seconds talking to the person you've just danced with. At that instant you ask him what his name is, what he does, you start a mini conversation while looking into each other's eyes, you thank each other for the dance and then you just say goodbye until the next time you dance.

This situation occurs very often also in dance classes, as you dance several times during the hour of the dance class, so much better.

"Dancing helps start the first conversation with a person."

2. Deactivate barriers to first physical contact

When you dance with a person, even if you don't say anything, you are already breaking the barrier of first physical contact and deactivating the natural barriers that both boys and girls raise in social environments.

But beware that depending on how you do it, the opposite may happen.

Don't become a groom or a stump, please!

"Physical contact in dancing helps to remove people's natural barriers."

3. Having dance as a common ground with people

Dancing is a great point of union between people.

When you belong to the world of dancing it is very easy to make a plan to meet people, because you always have a topic to talk about and a perfect excuse to meet.

You can go dancing, practice steps, take a salsa break or just go with the class group.

"dancing always allows you to have a common theme to talk about."

4. Act naturally

Punctual contacts with unknown people are common in the world of dance because this is the essence of social dancing, in general there is good vibrancy and you breathe an ideal atmosphere to relax and have fun.

People have a good time and enjoy the dance experience, we are more relaxed and when you dance with someone, everything flows, it is easier to be yourself, to be transparent, to act calmly and naturally.

That's why sometimes a spark pops up and an instant chemistry comes up with the person you're dancing with and helps you get to know that person.

"Everything is more natural, relaxed and fluid when you dance."

5. Guide and let yourself be carried away with class

It is frequent that those who guide the girl with the right tension, to the rhythm she plays, with security but with delicacy, subtlety and thinking about helping the girl to dance well, are seen with very good eyes.

The boy also looks kindly on those girls who are easy to carry, let themselves be guided and who smile frequently.

At this point we will turn to the famous saying that says...

"That person who moves and dances well,..... well "

6. Match several times on different days and places

One of the best things about this world is that no matter what happens, you will most likely meet again.

It can take place in a dance hall, in class, on an outing with friends, at a dance congress etc....

This in this world is ideal because if one day you thought it was interesting and you could not ask for the phone number, it is possible that you will meet again and you will have another opportunity to do so.

"Whatever happens, you'll see each other again."

7. Smile, smile and smile

And finally what is most important to me.

"Smile is the key to attraction."

Being close and in touch is easy and natural to laugh with sincerity.

Suddenly, after a stepping or a strange movement, you lose a laugh, you keep on dancing and you create that unique and special magic of the dance.

Dancing creates many opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex in a relaxed and fun environment.

You meet people with whom you have a relationship, meet frequently, smile constantly and just have a great time.

That's why it's so easy to create or sign up for plans to go dancing with friends so that you can keep enjoying the beauty of dancing.

So we encourage you to go dancing and experience for yourself all the benefits of dancing salsa, bachata or any other social dance.




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