Great you are watching my page. My name is yvonne padmos and love dancing!!! I started with ballet lessons when I was 4 years old. 12 years ballet lessons. My dream " ballerina! People told me " No that is not a job.

So I stopped! Yet, at home still dancing when nobody watched!

Latin/ballroom lessons 8 years   for more total cv check out my cv

Book me for

Improvisation show
where the audience is in the center

Every show is different.

Ideal show in which the public can

return every day for a new event.

check out the trailer

Let's inspire everyone LIVING THEIR DREAMS

You can find me dancing

at bars/hotels/short commercials and see me on top of flyers!!!


for shows

for freestyle entertainment

for theater etc... I am ready to learn!!!

PS Official registred Actress. I can play lot's of roles. On this moment preparing Best Blond Burlesque shows

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