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William TeixeiraWilliam TeixeiraHello,

My name is Tijana. I'm a professional dancer and teacher.

I've started dancing when I was 14, but before that, I was doing gymnastics for 6 years.

I've started with jazz ballet and contemporary, with an excellent coach Tanja Grujić in Novi Sad who had 10 years of experience working on Broadway DC in New York. Besides contemporary and jazz, she required classical ballet classes once per week, as well as Horton techniques as a way to build a stronger base in us, her students. Later in my dance career, I realized that those classes gave me excellent preparation for all the other fields in dance that I've tried.

Unfortunately I had to quit after 4 years due to an injury, which didn't stop me from dancing completely.

Although it was too risky to keep pushing jazz and contemporary, I switched to Latin dances, starting with Cuban salsa, son and afro-rumba in 2014, later kizomba, semba and bachata came into my life. Zouk came a bit after, but it became something I love the most!

I was going regularly to European congresses and boot camps in bachata, kizomba, semba and zouk for 2 years, and decided those dances will be my priority for professional career. I've started teaching in 2018  locally, in Serbia, bachata and kizomba and of course, lady style.

In 2019 I've moved to Madrid, wishing to continue my self-improvement over there. I've got invited to perform with Grupo Esencia by Marco Espejo and with Bachata Project by Gero. I was lucky to get a chance to work and learn from the best. I was also forming myself in Dominican bachata with Gaby and Estefy and Deisy Carera. I was also working on my zouk harder than ever with William Teixeira and Irene. I got the opportunity to teach kizomba and semba in workshops in the club Host as a part of kizomba nights.

I was lucky because I could find many different classes and styles in Madrid, so I started forming myself in urban styles, mostly in heels.

During lockdown in 2020, I got the opportunity for the first time in my life to teach online, collaborating with Spanish dance pages such as SBK Gold Coast, Kizomba Open and Bachatea.

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