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Nykos Kellys

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is an International Dancer & Fitness Presenter.

With also Actor/Model Backgroud. Born in 19 June 1989, in Southern Italy (Bari) From a Greek Mother & Argentinian Father.

Nykos Kellys is also known for being a Young Startup Entrepreneur.

Founder of This Company


01. Experiences
Nykos’ Carrer start as a Dancer in 1995 (6y/old) when for the first time He participates as Dance Performer at The Annual Academy show, from His first step on stage He realizes that this was what He wants to do in His life. In 2009 Nykos Had the opportunity to move & live in NYC and working as Dance Teacher at The Broadway Dance Academy, one Day Nykos came across to a Dance Fitness Video on YouTube, He Discover so The Fitness industry as well and He literally fell in love with this as too. Since 2009 He as always combined Dance & Fitness in His classes.

02. Entrepreneur Mind
Nykos Found in 2009 DANCETION “The POPSTAR DANCE WORKOUT”. During His time in NYC He realise how important for Him was to express His creativity and that’s why He Create is own Concept DANCETION. But, His Entrepreneur skills make him bealive that He can also do something to help the Dance & Fitness Community, that’s why in 2010 He founded The others Company’s Named INSTRUCTORSUNITED® , DANCETION® , STREETERCISE® etc…

03. What's He Teach?
He is The FOUNDER of DANCETION The POPSTAR DANCE WORKOUT. Nykos Teach also, Dance Classes like HipHop, Commercial, Streestyle, Streetjazz, Funky, etc.. *Since 2009 He is a Licensed Fitness instructor of Bootcamp, Crossfit, DeepWORK, HiiT, Tabata, Jumping Fitness, Pilates, Piloxing, Zumba Fitness and also The LesMills Program: Body Balance, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, Body Jam. etc…

04. PT & Nutrition
As Personal Trainer & Nutritionist , Nykos help His clients to reach their Goals by finding their best condition, with The Personalized Workout & Nutritions Plans made by Nykos exclusively for you! You will get fit day by day and shape your body step by step after study each case. CONTACT NOW for More info…

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