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I was born in Aydın, Turkey in 1989. Ever since I knew myself, I have been interested in dancing and that helped me participate in countless events and stages.

My interest in R&B and Hip-Hop dances throughout high school years led me to

kick start my professional career. After combining modern and variety of dances

During my university years, I have changed my focus to Latin dances which was the next big step in my career.

After starting in Latin dances, I have participated and gained my first experience

in 2009 Turkish Latin Dance Competition. Later on finishing my studies, I have started to work in İzmir Sueno Dance Academy as an assistant trainer while participating and achieving 3rd place in various dancing competitions. At the same time, I got my certificates for pilates, salsa training and zumba by Gymnastic

Federation of Turkey and Dance Sports Federation of Turkey. After that I have opened my own pilates studio named “TugbaDanceSport” and started my dancing journey with Metehan Güneş. Throughout the years I have achieved multiple

first places and championships attending the competitions by Dance Sports

Federation of Turkey. I am still improving on my profession and passion which is dancing. Currently I am a dancing trainer at Okudans Academy helping people that shares the same passion with me to achieve their goals, and their success in competitions is my main source of motivation. My current goal is to compete in international and global level and gain success by hard work.


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