LOCA Dance Project
LOCA Dance Project

LOCA Dance Project

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LOCA is a social dance project meant for everyone searching for a cool hobby, fun community and great people to spend time with while stepping out of their daily routine. LOCA was born after years of dealing first-hand with scripted courses and living personally the experience of social dancing. After teaching various groups of people we found out they all had common reasons for choosing dancing as a hobby: the feeling of belonging to a community, the joy of sharing it with old and new friends, the fun and easy environment of learning new things and enjoying the social dance culture with a community that is growing bigger every year. It is a business started by friends, that met dancing, traveled to festivals together, met more people just as crazy and decided to share their energy with others. Our experience brought us together, despite having different backgrounds, because in the end we spoke the same language: social dance.

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Adolf-Kolping-Straße, 10,
80331 - München,


Horario de apertur al público de LOCA Dance Project

Lunes de 19:30 a 21:00

Miércoles de 19:00 a 23:00

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