Kaizen Dance with Kwenda Lima

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Del viernes 10 de febrero a las 16:00 al viernes 10 de febrero a las 18:30
Valentine Dance Festival Emser Str 12-13 10719 - Wilmersdorf
Este evento terminó el 10 feb 2017


Valentine Dance Festival
Emser Str 12-13
10719 - Wilmersdorf



Become a Master of Bodhi Kizomba and Kaizen Dance with the one and only Kwenda Lima!

“No one has all the answers in the history of dance and kizomba, and for this reason we should be humble and seek knowledge from different instructors and teachers who each have a story that represents a piece of the puzzle.”

Born in Cabo Verde in 1977, and with over ten years experience teaching Angolan and Cap Verdian dances, Kwenda is considered today a Master within the Kizomba scene. Do not miss this fabulous opportunity to learn from the best of the best!

Bodhi Kizomba:

Kwenda developed his own methodology of teaching, dancing and living Kizomba, which he calls “Bodhi Kizomba”.

Kizomba involves much more than just the body, he says. It involves feelings, behavior, emotions, etc. His new valuable proposal is to help creating a stronger and complete person, who does not confuse compatibility and fun with infatuation.

''Bodhi Kizomba'' is learning how to dance Kizomba knowing exactly what you want and who you are, and encouraging new feelings of joy, pleasure and awareness.

Kaizen Dance:

“Its not just a dance...it’s a way of living”

Kaizen Dance touches people’s hearts and souls through the unification of West African kinetic principles with philosophical approaches drawn from Indic and Buddhist philosophies.

TICKETS: included in Kizomba Pass and Master Upgrade

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