10th Salsa Addicted Festival 2017

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Del jueves 2 de marzo a las 22:00 al lunes 6 de marzo a las 07:00
Salsa Addicted Festival Timisoara 300223 - Timisoara
Bachata - Bachata Sensual - Kizomba - Mambo - Pachanga - Rueda casino - Rumba - Salsa - Salsa Cubana - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea
Este evento terminó el 06 mar 2017


Salsa Addicted Festival
300223 - Timisoara



SAF, the 10th edition

2 - 5 march 2017, Timisoara, Romania


Terry & Cecile (France)

Juan Matos (Italy)

Bersy Cortez (Spain) - new entry

Angelo Rito (Italy)

Gianni & Roberta (Italy)

Samuel Funflow (Spain) - new entry

Chip McClure (UK)

Step in2 Salsa (Romania)

AIRE (Romania)

Razvan & Andra (Romania)

Salsa Factory (Romania)

Barbara & Dave (Poland) - new entry


Sugar on Sunday aka Sylvie (Switzerland) - new entry

Ananya Kebir (UK) - new entry

Salsa DJ's:

Willy (France)

Willy (Netherlands)

Romy (Romania)

Tuli (UK) - new entry

Sezar (Norway)

Martin (Hungary)

Stilo (Hungary)

Alex (Romania)

Syl (Romania)

Kizomba Dj's:

Blaise (UK) - new entry

TarraXXA (Germany) - new entry

Andy Kiz (Romania) - new entry


Fogarate (Italy) - new entry

Beny Ilies (Romania)

Impron2 (Hungary)

Esencia Libre (UK) - new entry

Salsa Factory (Romania)

Andrea & Maria (Italy)

The 10th edition of Salsa Addicted Festival will be structured in 4 sections:

Workshops (12.00AM - 4.00PM)

(partnerwork on2, cha cha - boogaloo, musicality shines, body movement, pachanga, etc)


Saturday: 11AM - 1 PM

Kizomba Connection by Ananya Kebir

Sunday: 11AM - 1 PM

Cafe Mambo by Sugar on Sunday


by Day (hours & location to be anounced)

- 100% kizomba

by Night (9.30PM - 6.00AM)

- 1 room salsa (salsa romantica, mambo, cha cha cha) - opened from 21.30

- 1 room kizomba (kizomba, semba, afro house) - opened from 21.30

- 1 room bachata (sensual, dominican, urban) - opened after the shows

Shows: set of max. 10 shows/night, starting with 23.00

No announced show set on Sunday Night.


Addicted Pass (includes classes, weekend parties & seminars)

- 65 euro until 31st of October

- 85 euro in the limit of 300 passes

- 100 euro after the 300 passes are sold out.

- 115 euro at the door

Social Pass (includes day & night paries and seminars)

- 70 euro until 12th of February

Party Pass (shows not included)

- available at the door, each night, after midnight

Friday night: 30 euro

Saturday night: 30 euro

Sunday night: 30 euro

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