Bachatamemucho 2017

¡Sé el primero en compartirlo!
Del viernes 26 de mayo a las 18:00 al miércoles 31 de mayo a las 02:00
Este evento terminó el 31 may 2017


Yuan S Chu - Salsamemucho
Yuan S Chu - Salsamemucho


Shanghai, China
200240 - Shanghai


In 2015 Yuan Chu Partnered with his friends Raymond Gao and Mike Honda and launched 2015 BACHATAMEMUCHO - SHANGHAI and it become an Instant Success in China and is currently the largest BACHATA FESTIVAL in China and at the mean time it has also become The Craziest.

BACHATAMEMUCHO was created in 2013 by Yuan Chu who is also the creator of the famous SALSAMEMUCHO. BACHATAMEMUCHO was created with the mission to promote, advocate and introduce BACHATA, FUN and CRAZINESS to new generations of participants accross China. Ultimatly to contribute with the growth of the SALSA & BACHATA community by attracting new bloods into the community.

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