Kizomba Lovers Workshops with Na Passada

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Del sábado 29 de abril a las 15:00 al domingo 30 de abril a las 17:30
Este evento terminó el 30 abr 2017


Salsa y Corazon
Zenettistrasse 7
80337 - Munich


Kizomba Lovers Workshop for Intermediate/ Advanced Level

with Na Passada from Holland

Wellknown from Sensual Festival Munich 2017

and many more international Kizomba Festivals in Europe


Workshop 29.+ 30.4.

2 x 2,5 hours 15.00 - 17.30 Uhr

Tanzstudio Salsa Y Corazon, Zenettistr. 7

€ 65,-- pro Person

Einze Anmeldungen möglich !



Marion Morena, 0172-9659579

Salsa Y Corazon


What can you expect?

In our opinion the most important thing in Kizomba is to have fun while dancing.... come on... even the word means 'party'.... ;)

To maximize the chance of fun for both leader and follower, we find it important that the leaders learn how to lead properly and the followers how to follow of course. Besides the game of leading and following, it is just as important to understand and master the basic elements of dance, music and cultural backgrounds. During our workshops we put great emphasis on the basics and the techniques to find the right connection and musicality.


We chose this name to fit our style of teaching. During the classes and workshops, we focus on techniques that will help people to get control over their body. This then will result in better leaders and followers in our opinion.


Party on Sunday 30.4. from 20 - 2 Uhr in DT.01

Munich goes to Rovinj Promo Party -

Kizomba Dance Floors with Best of DJ Saul and Frank

Salsa Dance Floor with Best of DJ Daniel

Dance Shows - Fun - 3 dance Floors - Tombola for Rovinj


DT.01 (location of Sensual Festival Munich)

Adolf-Kolping-Str-. 10 Eingang Zweigstr.

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