El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival 2017 (13ª Edición)

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Del jueves 9 de noviembre a las 13:00 al lunes 13 de noviembre a las 07:00
Warsaw Salsa Festival 17 stycznia 32 02-148 - Warsaw
Bachata - Bachata Dominicana - Bachata Sensual - Kizomba - Kizomba Urbana - Mambo - Salsa - Salsa Cubana - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea
Este evento terminó el 13 nov 2017


Warsaw Salsa Festival
17 stycznia 32
02-148 - Warsaw



Check out our festival's higlights:

1 perfect venue with 10 workshop rooms:

4 dance styles: Mambo/Salsa Crossbody Style, Cuban Salsa and Afro-Cuban Dances, Bachata, Kizomba

2 live concerts: Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor and Rey Ruiz

4 dance floors at night

14 DJs

43 hours of parties

60 shows

120 artists

120 hours of workshops

3 stargate competitions

5000 participants from 70 countries


Everything we do, we do to live an exciting, international, colorful life full of people, friends, music and dance and to share this exceptional lifestyle with you. We believe dance boosts our energy levels, makes us stronger physically and mentally, more friendly, more open, more conscious, more sexy and simply happier. We live the life of our dreams by organizing the El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival, inviting the most amazing dancers and musicians from all over the Latin world, taking our organization to the next level and making our guests feel at home. Our long-lasting and no.1 goal is to maintain the absolutely top quality of artists selection, sound, stage, lights, floors, service and facilities. We focus on cooperation instead of rivalry and we look for solutions instead of conflicts. We choose tolerance over political divisions and we take the concept of Polish hospitality very seriously. We also prefer action to perfection, if we have to chose between these two :).


We are a team of strong individuals and super power ladies, who believe in gender equality and empowering women to live their lives to the full, independently of stereotypes. We love to work and have fun together, which makes all the sleepless nights and the stress tears more bearable. We also gladly lean on male shoulders, especially in the IT, security and technical areas.

We live for this intercultural encounter in November, every time it feels like we are on a journey around the world. We are super exited to see each and every one of you come back and enjoy our favorite music and dance feast with us. Thank you for making Warsaw your regular salsa destination, we strive to give you a better and better offer every year, we promise to keep you happy for another 13 years.


Over the years I have been a festival's participant, a social dancer, a performer, an instructor, a team leader, a dance school owner and a festival's organizer. I aim to join all these perspectives and cater for all these needs. You can say the event is - made by a dancer - for dancers. I try to feel what you need and I work on giving you the best experience possible. If I don't hit it – give me your feedback! :) a.chagowska@salsafestival.pl

Organizing the El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival has been a life changing journey for me. It started as a way to keep myself busy throughout the ugly autumn months 13 years ago in 2005. At first it was a platform for me to dance: on stage and socially as well as a social encounter with my salsa friends. Then, it became a way to live a life of a world citizen while raising my daughter in Poland. Later, it became a business field for me to learn and grow as a brand creator, manager, sales person and, finally, a leader with all the ups and downs included. Today, the event is a special space for dancers and teachers to fulfill their potential, present their work, find inspiration and motivation to cultivate their dance passion throughout another entire year. Currently, I work on sharing more and more responsibility with the amazing individuals in the Festival's team and I enjoy seeing them grow. This gives me more space for strategic future-based thinking. And I still passionately dance salsa!!!



Maykel Blanco Y Su Salsa Mayor (Cuba)

Rey Ruiz (Cuba/Miami)


Tito Ortos & Tamara Livolsi (Puerto Rico)

Adolfo Indacochea & Tania Cannarsa (Peru/Sri Lanka)

Karel Flores (NYC)

Marco Ferrigno (Italy)

Rodrigo Cortazar (Mexico) NEW

Bersy Cortez (Venezuela) NEW

Tropical Gem (Italy)

Jorjet Alocer (USA) NEW

Adrian & Anita (Spain) NEW

Juan Matos (Dominican Republic)

Amneris Martinez (Puerto Rico)

Supermario (UK)

Charlie Garcia (NYC) NEW

Talal Benlahsen (Belgium)

Edyta Czagowiec (Poland)

Eric Lalta (Dubai)

DJ Mauri (Greece)

DJ Willy (France)

DJ Sezar (Norway)

DJ Julian The Duke (Uk)


Maykel Fonts (Cuba)

Alfredo García (Cuba)

Solangel Fernandez (Cuba) NEW

Yorgenis "Yoyo" Danger García (Cuba) NEW

Leonardo Martinez Moya (Cuba) NEW

Mario Charon (Cuba)

Aliushka Barrientos(Cuba)

Wilmer & María (Cuba) NEW

Roynet Pérez González (Cuba)

Luanda Pau Baquero (Cuba) NEW

Ania Zając (Poland)

Eryk Januszyk (Poland)

Kuba Kowalczyk (Poland)

DJ Tresorman (Poland)

DJ Nelly (Cuba)

DJ YanElDiablito (France) NEW


Korke & Judith (Spain) NEW

Carlos Espinoza & Maria Angeles (Spain) NEW

Basi & Deisy (Spain) NEW

Keskya (Norway)

Gatica (Norway) NEW

Łukasz Raś & Ewa Jankowska (Poland)

Sambor & Mery (Poland)

DJ Khalid (Spain) NEW


Afrolatin Connection (Portugal)

Curtis & Carola (France/Spain)

Morenasso & Adi (France) NEW

Ola Leszczewicz (Poland) NEW

DJ Hugo Boss (UK)

DJ Chad (France) NEW

DJ Biondi (Poland)

For more information contact us or go to


We are waiting for you in November!

Ania Chagowska & El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival Team

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