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Boost your brand awareness, credibility and sales with a professional website with your events linked to your go&dance artist, place or organizer page.

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Why do you sell more with a profesional website?

10 benefits that you get with the website you have always wanted

  • Prestige
    With your website, you can enhance your personal brand as an artist and allow you to generate more confidence, have more authority and increase your prestige in the market.
  • Professionalism
    You present a good, credible and professional image for your customers. In addition, all professional brands and businesses have their own website, why does your brand not yet have it?
  • Generating more business
    Enhancing your brand increases your professionalism, prestige, credibility and automatically generates more business opportunities.
  • Generate other business
    With your own website you have the possibility to expand your business, sell online (events, courses and online classes), cross-sell other services you offer and expand your market from a local level to a national or international level.
  • Accessibility
    People have access to the information you choose 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Showcase
    Your website is the place to offer all your products or services, your customers do not know everything you currently offer and a website is the ideal presentation card to show all your services and products (shows, workshops, choreographies for weddings, private lessons, animations, etc.).
  • Visibility
    Your website is like a huge ad that works for you. You automatically gain visibility and greater exposure that allows you to reach more people from anywhere in the world. It allows you to be found and not just by name.
  • Authority
    By professionalizing your brand image and services you gain market authority.
  • Connect with your audience
    It's the perfect tool to connect with your audience. It serves as a business card to channel where you take your users and lets you show what you want to show on your own channel.
  • Differentiation
    With your own website you reflect your personality, way of being and the professional category that you are and this allows you to differentiate yourself. A website works exclusively for you, on Facebook the information is shared

Your website always automatically updated

Thanks to the go&dance system, without you having to do anything, your website will always be there updated with your events and your information on social networks.

Advantages of creating your website with go&dance

Did you know that there are more than 100 companies that allow you to create your website in minutes?
If so, why choose us today?

Your events and courses always up-to-date

The events and dance courses you participate in, are published on go&dance and linked to your go&dance artist page will automatically appear on your website.

No upfront investment or high fees

Conveniently pay for the subscription plan that best suits your wishes and start within minutes.

Immediate delivery time

Make the first payment, follow the initial setup process, configure your domain and you have your professional website published.

Always state-of-the-art technology

We ensure that we always have the latest technology applied to your website so that it is not outdated.

Maximum security and confidence

We take care of security and you will always have access through your go&dance professional area.

Go&dance Partners Program

Go directly to the go&dance partner program where you have additional benefits in your other activities, events, courses...

Choose your favorite plan

Discover everything you can do with a powerful plan for your website

You create your website with our software: You choose your website (artist, organizer or venue) + you pay the 1st fee + you choose the template + you finish configuring the website.
29.90 19.9 €/month
  • Automatic Updating of Events

    All the events you participate in will automatically appear on your website.

  • Ticket sales

    You will be able to sell tickets for the events in which you participate, and if you have a promoter code your sales will be assigned to your code automatically.

  • The whole Basic plan plus...
  • Multi language

    Your page will be available in both Spanish and English

  • Advanced customized content

    You will be able to add as many pages as you want, and in each page you will be able to add as many contents as you want, in addition to having extra widgets available that are not available in the Basic version.

  • Secure protocol

    Your website will be about secure protocol (https).

  • Professional review

    We review your website personally and help you make the most of our service.

  • Advanced technical support

    Email, chat and phone support

We create your website with our software: We talk + you choose your website (artist, organizer or venue) + you pay the 1st fee + you choose the template + we finish configuring your website.
for 495 € + 19.9 €/month
  • The whole Premium plan plus...
  • We make your website

    Our team personalizes your website under your supervision, so you don't have to waste time on it.

  • Ultrapersonalised Web

    Your website will be unique, with an exclusive design for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have several brands (mine own, with my artistic partner and dance company), what should I do?
We recommend that you have a website for each brand as well as a Facebook page for each brand and an artist page for each brand.
If I want more than one website, is there a special price?
If this is your case, contact our manager to study your case through
Can I cancel the payment at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. The website will be deactivated and will no longer be visible when the deadline expires until you have paid.
Why do I need a website if today everything is moving over networks?
Because in social networks you can't show all your products, projects and services. Nor can you sell dance classes online, nor change the design preset by each platform. In addition, social networks are channels where people know you but you can't be found by those who don't know you. In addition, every time you publish you get fewer people without paying.
Can I link several artist pages to the same website?
Las páginas web de go&dance estan vinculadas a una única página de artista/facebook, no se puede ni vincular varias páginas de Facebook a una web, ni varias páginas de go&dance a una web.

Our guarantees for service

If you are not satisfied you can un-subscribe to the service at any time. The website will be deactivated when the validity period expires.

If you cancel the web you can always re-create your own website again, at the price offered at that time.

If you recommend us to other artists to use our service you will have additional benefits and rewards.

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