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Estudio de Danza Alicia y Pilar

Alicante, Alacant
The dance school opened its doors in 1983, and thousands of students have passed through it to study dance in any of its forms. Classical, contemporary, Spanish dance, Jazz, Jazz Musical, Hip-Hop, Street Dance and Ballroom Dances. Learn to dance at our dancing school in Alicante and enjoy this wonderful world of...

In Situ Dance School

Alicante, Alacant
In Situ Dance School is a dance school in Alicante (Spain) with two locations (Alicante center and El Pla-Carolinas area) with a regular offer of dance classes throughout the year, and whose goals are the dissemination of dance as art and culture, the creation of a stable community of dancers and the development of...

In Situ Dance Company

Alicante, Alacant
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In Situ Dance School is a dance school in Alicante (Spain) with two locations (Alicante center and El Pla-Carolinas area) with a regular offer of dance classes throughout the year, and whose goals are the dissemination of dance as art and culture, the creation of a stable community of dancers and the development of...

Estilos Unidos

Elche, Alacant
Ronald & Alba Dance School in Elche, Alicante. Call us and come learn to dance in Estilos Unidos. Ronald and Alba are the current world champions of the WORLD BACHATA MASTER (February 2015, Madrid) and have been working since 2012, where they began to reap success together. They travel throughout Europe and...

Muévete y Baila

Alicante, Alacant
At the Muévete y Baila de Alicante activity centre, you can learn to dance belly dancing, salsa, Latin rhythms, ballroom dancing and much more, in an easy and fun way, sharing this wonderful hobby with others. Our philosophy is to enjoy dancing and combine the classes with excursions, dinners and parties to...

Escuela de Danza y Baile Pirouette

San Juan de Alicante, Alacant
The Pirouette Dance School is dedicated to the teaching of classical and Spanish ballet and to all types of contemporary dances, located in San Juan de Alicante. In this dance academy you will be able to learn between different styles and select the one you like the most, come and ask at Calle Cervantes, 17.

Funkadelic Dance Studio

Alicante, Alacant
FUNKADELIC dance studio emerged in 2012 thanks to the interest and motivation of Jorge Vidal González. He discovered his talent for dance in a late way, but thanks to his perseverance and hard work he has managed to create a large group of teachers and dancers, as well as several dance companies with great...

Centro de Danza Atala

Alicante, Alacant
We have a team of perfectly qualified and specialized monitors and therapists in each of the Activities, who have professionally prepared all the contents of the courses we give with an appropriate methodology and adapted to the ages of the students or participants of each Activity.


Elche, Alacant
In Salsabor Dance School we teach different dance disciplines such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cuban Salsa, Oriental Dance, Sevillanas and how not Pilates and Zumba. In Salsabor it is not only teaching but also transmitting an atmosphere of joy and companionship so that coming to class is a set of all these...

En Danza

Alicante, Alacant
In Dance! Because to be in dance implies movement, implies changes, implies new illusions, implies new challenges, implies horizons that expand, implies a new feeling, implies a way of living dance in all its variants, implies treading on new stages, implies new image, implies values, implies creativity, implies...

Pedro y Conchi Escuela de Baile

Alicante, Alacant
Disconnect from stress and daily routine and learn to dance at our dance school. You'll have fun, make new friends and discover the funniest way to stay in shape. In our dance academy in Alicante you can practice different dances such as bachata, salsa, flamenco and even contemporary dance. What are you waiting for?...

Entre Dansa Estudio

El Plá, Alacant
Classical Dance, Spanish Dance, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance, Sevillanas, Theatre. Classes for children, beginners for adults, all levels. Personalized teaching and the best professionals.

Academia de Fanny Blasco

San Vicente del Raspeig, Alacant
The Academy of Dance "Fanny Blasco" was born on January 28,2011 in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) with the versatile dancer Fanny Blasco at the head, who after years of dedicating herself to dance decides to settle in San Vicente del Raspeig to teach children and adults their passion for dance, with a good staff...

MG Estudio de Danza

Alicante, Alacant
In this dance academy you can learn to dance Classical Ballet, Flamenco, Spanish Dance, Ballroom Dance, Oriental Dance and Funky / Hip-hop all year round. Also Pilates method sessions. In the tabs above you can access all the information

Escuela Danza María Pilar Sánchez

Elche, Alacant
With its experienced work system, our centre hopes to continue creating an audience that loves dance, practises it, enjoys it and, over time, continues to turn new amateurs into future professionals.

Estudio Alicante

Alicante, Alacant
Dance Academy in Alicante Calle García Morato 6 that offers us a service with different activities and levels adapted to the current dance trends and people, you can decide between Salsa, bachata, Tribal Dance, Sevillanas and much more.

Estudio 9

ONDARA, Alacant
Estudio 9 is a dance school in Alicante with a new concept of artistic expression where several disciplines merge to connect art, body and dance. Estudio 9 offers you a space for the artistic body development where emotions are also part of the basic and fundamental pillar for our knowledge and physical and...

Academia de Baile Vicente Clario

San Vicente del Raspeig, Alacant
The Vicente Clarió Dance Studio is a school specializing in ballroom social dance with extensive pedagogical experience. In it you will find a family atmosphere and not competitive, where dancing is the perfect excuse to have fun.

Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Alicante

Alicante, Alacant
The Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Alicante (CSDA) is a centre supported by public funds, young and dynamic, capable of adapting to the social demands that the dance world demands. It is one of only six higher education centres in Spain, together with those located in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and...

La historia Dance School

Alicante, Alacant
La Historia Dance School is a dance school in Alicante directed by Beatriz Monti where we offer dance classes in Alicante of salsa, bachata, zumba and many other disciplines.

Escuela de Danza Susana García

Elda, Alacant
School authorized by the Conselleria to issue Certificate of Elementary Dance Grade Studies. School associated with the Royal Academy of Dance in London, both for children and professional levels. Examinations in the centre itself

Academia de Baile Elegance

Alicante, Alacant
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Academia de Baile Salsa, bachata, bailes de salón, baile deportivo, kizomba, ballet, flamenco, sevillanas, vals nupcial, samba, grupos de competición y show y mucho más!

Escuela de Baile La Terreta

Alicante, Alacant
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Escuela dedicada a la enseñanza de baile social, de salón y latinos. Baile moderno y danzas del mundo para niños. Además de sevillnas y zumba fitness Disfruta de una ambiente familiar sin espíritu competitivo cuyo objetivo es pasarlo bien.


CALPE, Alacant

Academia de Baile Fever Dance

Alicante, Alacant
Escuela de Danza dedicada a diferentes estilos dentro del mundo del BAILE. En nuestro centro podrás aprender a bailar los diferentes estilos de baile sin importar que edad tengas. El único requisito que exigimos es que tengas ganas de aprender y pasártelo bien. Nuestra escuela esta federada y tiene el sello de...

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