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Sep 15
Barcelona , Baila Barcelona
Tickets available. Save 5€.
Sep 16
Barcelona , Ebony Barcelona
Tickets available. Save 5€.
Nov 17
Gerona , Hotel Olympic Park Resort & Spa
Tickets available. Save 20€.
Dec 01
Gerona , Guitart Central Park Aqua Resort
Tickets available. Save 10€.
Mar 01
Gerona , Evenia Olympic Resort
Tickets available. Save 20€.
May 03
Gerona , Evenia olimpic Palace
Tickets available.

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Some of the featured, top-rated dance academies with dance courses now available. Book a class, learn to dance and have fun!

Dance changes and improves the lives of people who practice it (it's proven!)

Let's make the world of dance grow, integrate dance into your life by discovering the best of salsa, bachata, kizomba, tango, swing, hip hop, ballet, oriental dance, cha cha cha cha, ballroom dancing... and much more!
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Follow your favourite artists and find out about all their events
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In our blog we talk you about dance experiences, curiosities and tips for dancing better and discovering new dances, being better informed and everything you need to know about dancing.

The 3 Most Viewed Hip Hop Choreographies in History

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The History of Hip Hop, its Culture and Origins

Have you ever wondered about the origin of Hip Hop? Its history is very interesting and it all began as an urban dance from New York. Besides, apart from reaching the big screen, the movement... + read more

10 Kizomba Songs Ideal For Non-Stop Dancing

If you listen to kizomba songs all the time and enjoy the music of kizomba while dancing until the early hours of the morning this article is ideal for you. Since we have selected the 10 most... + read more
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