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Feb 23
Toledo , Hotel Roma Aurea
Tickets available. Save 9€.
Mar 01
Gerona , Evenia Olympic Resort
Tickets available. Save 40€.
Mar 29
Burgos , Fórum Evolución Burgos. Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio
Tickets available. Save 10€.
Mar 29
Barcelona , Salida y regreso del Puerto de Barcelona
Tickets available.
Apr 09
Gerona , Hotel Evenia Olympic Ressort ****
Tickets available. Save 50€.
Apr 25
Corfu , Delfinia Hotels
Tickets available. Save 38€.

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Featured Dance Schools

Some of the featured, top-rated dance academies with dance courses now available. Book a class, learn to dance and have fun!

Dance changes and improves the lives of people who practice it (it's proven!)

Let's make the world of dance grow, integrate dance into your life by discovering the best of salsa, bachata, kizomba, tango, swing, hip hop, ballet, oriental dance, cha cha cha cha, ballroom dancing... and much more!
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Some of the most popular and featured bars, clubs and nightclubs where you can go out dancing. Book your ticket and go out dancing!

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Follow your favourite artists and find out about all their events

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Latest articles, curiosities and tricks published

In our blog we talk you about dance experiences, curiosities and tips for dancing better and discovering new dances, being better informed and everything you need to know about dancing.

The best dancing jumpsuits to go to dance

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The 12 best dancewear stores online

Have you ever been to a nightclub and at least one person is wearing the same T-shirt or skirt as you? Are you tired of seeing your clothes constantly on the way out? Don't worry, we have the... + read more

4 things that happen to you at a congress or bachata festival

Do you know what is a dance congress? Ignorance makes you think that congresses are for those who have a more advanced level, and you realize that they are accessible to all those who dance and... + read more
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