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How it works

Discover how we can help you with your event

Create your event

Create your event quickly and add tickets, artists, program, etc.

Promote it

Send emails with go&dance to your contacts list and share it on social networks.

Sell tickets

Sell tickets from your website with the go&dance integration codes. Accept all kinds of cards, Paypal and transfers.

Manage it

Check the statistics of the event, download the list of attendees and controls access by our App for professionals

Save time

Recover time for what really matters

  • + People
    Reach more dance enthusiasts thanks to our user community.
  • + Security
    Payment 100% secure, we take care of everything and we realize the transfer of all sales to your bank account.
  • + Control
    Total control of the data, payments and attendings to your event.
  • + Speed
    Agile, quick and easy process. With a simple link let your customers buy your ticket.
  • + Time
    Save management time and dedicate it to manage other tasks of the event.
  • - Costs
    Save on promotional costs.
  • - Surprises
    No unexpected surprises, everything under control at all time.

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All the tools to make fabulous dance events at a great price

Without sales at go&dance
Sell with go&dance
Event publication at go&dance
Statistics of views and actions of the event
Repeat event automatically every week
Promotion of your event to our database of users
Promote the event on our social network
Promoting the event to your contacts database
Management and integration of the sales made by your promotors, teachers, schools...
Ticket selling integration at your website
Sales statistics and assistants data management
Application to scan the tickets sold at your event
* The ticket fee includes all taxes and bank charges
** The minimum fee is 1 €

Do your calculations

Quickly calculate your income and the price of our service, we are transparent

4.700 € Tus ingresos
5.000 € venta de entradas
300 € comisión go&dance
The go&dance fee includes all taxes and bank charges

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go&dance PRO

go&dance PRO

With go&dance PRO you can quickly accredit to attendees of your event.

Simply download the App, add your event to the app and start scanning tickets issued by go&dance.

At all times youw will have control of the attendees who have attended and those who have yet to attend, as well as security that all attendees have bought their tickets.

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