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For tickets over 40€, the fee is 2.5%.
  • You pay or take the commission on each ticket, it's up to you
  • Your income, in your account when you ask us for it
  • 0,25€ VAT included / manually generated ticket
  • No bank charges
  • No setup fees
  • No commitment
  • No exclusivity

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125,00 € go&dance fee
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Reach thousands of people with your event

Publish your event for free in minutes

Signup and create your event, add your billing information and publish it for free.

Manage everything from a single place: tickets, attendees, promoters... Receive your money after the event or whenever you ask for it.

Get your event in front of your audience, we help you spread the word!

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Keep track of your promoter's ticket sales

Manage all your promoters from the same place

Generate codes for your promoters to sell tickets to their contacts through go&dance.

Analyze the performance of each of your promoters and automatically manage the commissions you have to pay.

You will also be able to manage the tickets sold by your promoters in cash.

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A wide variety of options to configure your tickets

Configure your entries as you wish and without limits

Create as many ticket types as you want. Set automatic price change based on date or units sold.

Create advanced rules to control ticket stock, collect attendee data, and automate ticket name changes (if desired).

Decide for each ticket whether to pass on our fee to the end customer, assume it in the ticket price or split it.

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What happens when you publish your event with tickets for sale?

Maximize your event's visibility to the right audience

Our team validates it and if we see opportunities for improvement we contact the organization.

We display it in different sections of the website to maximize reach.

We send personalized emails to users who show interest and reminder emails when prices go up or the date of the event is approaching.

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Quickly accredit attendees at your event with our free App

Avoid queues with Go&dance PRO

Quickly scan and badge your event attendees from any iOS and Android mobile device

Simply download the App, add your event in the app and start scanning the tickets issued by go&dance.

At all times you will have control of the attendees who have attended and how many are yet to attend, as well as the assurance that all attendees have purchased their tickets.

You can scan tickets on as many devices as you want at the same time, and at all times you will have control of which devices are linked to your event.

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Want to sell even more?

Other services we offer for dance event planners.

Management of advertising on Facebook Ads for dance eventsGestión de publicidad
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We make you a website for your event
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We design the logo, poster, and promotional video
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Specific online training in sales strategy and advertising for dance events
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Without specific online training
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You don't have to pay a single euro in advance, enjoy the services and you will pay for them when we settle your event..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about how our platform works?

When will I receive the money?

ormally we make the transfer on the first business day after the end of the event. But many organizers want us to advance money once or twice before the event and we do so. You will just have to ask for it by email.

Can I register my promoters?

Yes, you can register as many promoters as you want. And you can set the discount and commission conditions you want for each one. And see at a glance how they are selling.

How can you help me sell more?

Ticketing platforms usually provide you with the technology to sell and control attendees, we also have thousands of people every day used to buy exclusively dance events, we have a very advanced system of personalized event recommendations and also the largest network of dance promoters.

We can also help you with specific training and services to grow your events in a profitable way.

Will I be able to know the sales and attendees at any given time?

Of course, you can always access from anywhere to your professional area to see the sales you have and also there you can download Excel lists with the attendees and the tickets sold. And you can also consult it through the go&dance PRO App.

Can I publish tickets that include accommodation?

You can add as many tickets as you want, but keep in mind that we only act as an intermediary, and you are responsible for the settlement with all parties.

That is, we will only transfer the money to the bank account you publish in your professional area.

Remember, 1€ per ticket

2,5% for tickets over 40€

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