4 reasons to start dancing Swing that you can't imagine

As you know, Swing and dancing in general is an activity that keeps your mind alive and gives you a lot of energy. But in this post we're going to tell you 4 reasons why you should start swinging and maybe you didn't imagine. Until NOW, of course. 😊... + read more

All about Tango and its Origins

Do you want to know everything about tango? This post is exclusively dedicated to tango. We explain everything about tango, starting with its origins, its definition by default, tango as a dance style and the most representative authors of this style. Finally, we selected Argentina as the best destination to learn this passionate dance born in this land. ... + read more

Where to buy overalls and leggings for women in Barcelona perfect for dancing

Whether you're looking for a place to buy women's dancing suits, a pair of leggings to train, go to the gym or go dancing in this post we'll tell you everything you need to buy (in Barcelona) your next dance outfit. If you enter now we will show you where you can buy dresses, monkeys and ensembles for dancing of the highest quality at the best price if you live in Barcelona thanks to the clothing brand Paula Caliman. ... + read more

Alex Alberola and his experiences as an International Sensual Bachata Dancer [Interview]

Interview that the go&dance team did with the sensual international bachata dancer Alex Alberola. He tells us about his experience in the world of dance. How he began his artistic career and how he has managed to be in the largest bachata congresses in the world as both teacher and judge in some of the cases. In fact, many dancers and dance teachers would like to know how they could grow as professionals in the competitive world of dance. They would also love to know how to get hired at international dance congresses and even how to get paid more for their caching. And the truth is that there is no single strategy, no one who has the key to achieving it. However, there are people who like Alex, working hard, moving their keys well and setting their goals have achieved this. Here's what you'll find out in this article.... + read more

All about the Zouk, the LambaZouk and the Lambada - how are they different? [example videos]

If you're wondering what the Zouk is, what the LambaZouk is or the lambada, but you've seen a couple dance on the floor or on lambazouk video, this is your place. Here you will be able to understand what the differences are in these dance styles, where Zouk and LambaZouk come from, where you can learn them and even what the Zouk dance songs are. Today both Zouk and LambaZouk are booming and more and more people are dancing Zouk and doing LambaZouk classes in dance schools in any city. So I invite you to come in, leave your comment and share this article to make the dance community bigger. Thank you!... + read more

I have changed my lifestyle since I dance salsa and I am happier now [Case Study].

Do you think you need a radical change in your life? Do you consider yourself a life-loving person, but sometimes you lack the energy to do new things? Are you constantly looking for an activity that allows you to improve your lifestyle and meet new people? I felt that way too and I'm going to tell you how learning salsa has changed my life in an incredibly positive way.... + read more

9 differences between kizomba and urban kizz

If you want to know what is the difference between dancing kizomba and dancing Urban Kizz here we tell you the 9 main differences between the types of kizomba that are there when dancing this wonderful dance style. I'm not the first one to do it, nor will I probably be the last, and it's really a very subjective task, as some dancers prefer stylistically one way or the other, and sometimes they lose the ability to see how good the other style can offer. But under my humility and purpose of showing the benefits of dancing around the world we will try.... + read more

Top 10 Best Dance Quotes in Images

In this post we share two passions as the cinema and dancing of course. Everybody tries to be a superstar.... + read more

10 original plans for the good time

The winter ends and the sun returns to allow us to leave without the restraints of the coat. The brightness of a clear day makes us forget how limited cold and rain can be. The time has come to take advantage of the street.... + read more

How to have a good time? 5 activities that are fun, cheap, and healthy

Life is often troubled enough to not enjoy life properly. With or without money, there's always a fun and healthy way to spend your time, such as joining dance classes and going dancing on weekends with your friends.... + read more

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