What to take to a dance festival in the suitcase?

If you've never been to a dance festival you probably wonder what to bring to a dance congress in your suitcase, right? Well, I'm going to explain the 10 essential things you have to take to a dance festival to make the most of your time.... + read more

The BEST 8 Songs of Hip Hop of the Present Time and of Always

Whether you're at home looking for songs with hip hop rhythms, you're at work with hip hop music in the background, or you want to listen to hip hop to practice your new movements, here's a list of the best 8 current songs and an extra bonus with 4 classics. Surely there are more songs, singers and djs that you know and we have not mentioned but we will be delighted if you leave us the links of the videoclips in the comments.... + read more

7 typical excuses you say for NOT starting salsa dancing

How many times have you been recommended to take salsa classes and made up an excuse or two not to? Maybe your case is for lack of time, motivation, ignorance, fear or for many other logical reasons or not, but from now on I can tell you that salsa dancing is fantastic. You may not think salsa dancing is your thing, but I assure you that if you try it you will discover a new world. Would you like to meet new people? Make friends all the time? Laugh at fun physical activity? Have more plans than you ever imagined? If your answer is yes, or maybe it is or what's here for me.... read on! Here are the 7 most common reasons why everyone (who doesn't dance salsa) doesn't want to sign up for salsa dancing. ... + read more

8 embarrassing situations that every bachatero and bachatera lives (at least once in a lifetime)

Have you experienced any embarrassing situation dancing bachata whether you are just starting to take bachata lessons or have been dancing bachata for many years? I do, and in fact I'm sure that at least once in your life you will have lived or will live some of these 8 shameful situations dancing bachata that we're going to tell you here. Dancing is a spontaneous action and although the choreographies are memorized and practiced to infinity, there can always be unexpected and funny situations that you live when practicing your bachateros movements in social, don't you think? So if you are in some embarrassing situation when you dance, don't worry because everyone who practices and tries it will experience it in one way or another.... + read more

The 3 Most Viewed Hip Hop Choreographies in History

Are you one of those who, in addition to taking hip-hop lessons, spend your days watching hip-hop choreography videos to learn more new steps and enjoy those incredible body movements? If your answer is yes, this post is for you! We show you more than 3 videos with hip hop choreographies for you to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of this dance.... + read more

The History of Hip Hop, its Culture and Origins

Have you ever wondered about the origin of Hip Hop? Its history is very interesting and it all began as an urban dance from New York. Besides, apart from reaching the big screen, the movement and culture of Hip Hop has unleashed other styles in the world of dance that we are now going to tell you about. Did you know that the term hip hop covers different areas such as dance, music, culture and painting? Enter the post on the history of hip-hop and you'll know it!... + read more

10 Kizomba Songs Ideal For Non-Stop Dancing

If you listen to kizomba songs all the time and enjoy the music of kizomba while dancing until the early hours of the morning this article is ideal for you. Since we have selected the 10 most listened to songs, searched on Youtube and Shazam by the entire Kizombera community. We hope you enjoy it and add other kizomba songs in the comments to complete this hit list.... + read more

4 Perfect Cities to Dance Kizomba in Europe

Kizomba is a very sensual and close social dance style, although it may seem very daring to those who have not danced it yet. But I must say that kizomba is danced today in almost every city in Europe and I would dare to say the world. In this article we are going to share with you 4 perfect cities in Europe where you can learn, dance and enjoy kizomba, which is your favourite city to dance kizomba?... + read more

5 Basic Swing Steps you Must Learn to Start Dancing

If you're a dance lover, and swing is on your list of styles to learn, after reading this post about swing steps for beginners, you're sure to start those long awaited lessons. Swinging is a very social and joyful dance that allows you to move your body naturally, meet new people and enjoy life more wherever you go. For this reason, we have taken the time to select 6 of the basic swing steps that will allow you to learn this dance from scratch.... + read more

8 VERY famous songs for non-stop SWING dancing, right?

Are you one of those who play Swing songs at home and can't help but dance and move to the beat of the music while doing other things? It happens to me all the time. Does it happen to you? That's why at go&dance we've made a small selection of 6 of the best and most famous tracks of all time to dance to, to show that this cool style can also be danced to without a partner!... + read more

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