For some time now at go&dance we have been collecting verified opinions from event attendees in order to help organisers improve so that they can organise better events and for attendees to enjoy more and repeat each year.

We have analyzed 1000 evaluations of 4 types of events (concerts, congresses, parties and workshops or intensive) and categorized the answers in different aspects to improve and / or highlight.

It is important to note that people who value their go&dance experience after attending the event can rate each event from 1 to 5 and can describe their opinion or leave it blank (27.06% of people who value do not leave a comment).

And now we will start analyzing the opinions of all the events together regardless of the type of event.


Analysis of over 1000 verified opinions from 114 dance events

The 114 events are distributed as follows: 15 concerts, 52 congresses, 29 festivities and 18 intensive and opinions (on a maximum rating of 5) as follows:

We see that the concerts are the worst rated and the intensive the best, but since the vast majority of opinions are taken by the dance congresses is where we focus below.


Best rated dance events according to attendees

When people have rated with a 4 or a 5 the great majority emphasizes how good and close the artists were, the good atmosphere there was, how ideal was the place and especially the good organization that complied with the schedules.

Eliminating from the analysis the people who do not comment and the people who only say things like "Incredible" or "I will repeat next year"... we see that a good organization of the event that complies with the schedules and the published information is of the best value by the attendees of an event. Above even the quality of the artists and the place selected to hold the event.


The worst rated dance events according to attendees

On the contrary, when people have rated an event with a 2 or a 1 the worst thing is that the organization has not complied with the information on the poster and has been delayed in the schedules.

Again we see that the most important thing to make events a success and have good ratings is to comply with the schedules and inform clearly and sufficiently to the attendees of the event before, during and after the event.

Another point to highlight is the place chosen to hold the event. People value negatively that it is an inappropriate place to hold the event.

People want to enjoy the experience in a place that has enough space to dance and avoid overcrowding and above all, that is in good condition (hygiene, distribution, soundproofing ...).

Doing the same analysis above we see the following:


CONCLUSION: 10 essential aspects for a successful dance event according to the analysis of 1000 verified opinions of attendees

#1. Good organization: Specify and comply with schedules and poster information. It is the most valued aspect for both good and bad of any type of event analyzed. So, stick to the program!

#2. Adequate Information: Correctly inform clients before and during the event. It does not cost anything to distribute flyers or add posters in a visible way during the event. People value it negatively if you don't have it.

#3. Correct balance: Take care of the balance of boys and girls both in the workshops and in the social one and, in addition, it is necessary to take care of the correct balance of style of music.

#4. Quality sound: Sound and microphones should be good and people value it badly when they don't meet their expectations. When they live up to their expectations, they don't say anything. That is, they assume that there will be a good sound at a dance event. That's logical, isn't it?

#5. Proper temperature: The space where the event is held should be clean (bathrooms also clean), well ventilated and should NOT be hot (or very cold).

#6. Enough space: There should be enough space to dance and enjoy the event. It is necessary to try to choose well the place to celebrate the event according to the attendees of the event.

#7. Facilities and adequate floor: The floor must be valid to dance and avoid knee pain and the risk of injury.

#8. Participatory artists: People value artists who are close, professional, fun and involved in social dancing.

#9. Good food: If the event is held in a hotel, the food must be of good quality and the rooms must be clean and well soundproofed. There are people who do not repeat or go to an event because it is held in a hotel who know that the food is bad!

#10. Never cheat: Never cheat with information. There are few opinions of this kind, but the organization should never deceive with the information as it seriously harms the dance market.


In reality, these 10 things that event attendees value seem obvious, but from go&dance we see again and again how the organizers do not take care of all these aspects, sometimes because they are overwhelmed, sometimes because they have not thought about it or have not given it the importance it has and in reality these are the small things that are easy to take care of that their clients value in a more positive and negative way.

We seek to grow the world of dance by helping organizers to grow and know what people think of the events in which they go we think is a very good way to improve.

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