Initially, bachata was a unique style that encompassed the same line of dance and musicality. However, after its international extension, its arrival in Europe, and the influence of other dance styles, bachata has been transformed.

Did you know there are different types of bachata?

Within bachata, today we find several types of bachata:

· Traditional Bachata
· Sensual Bachata
· Modern Bachata
· Dominican Bachata
· Urban Bachata
· Bachatango

Surprised by the number of bachata types out there?

You're probably wondering what the differences are both musically and choreographically, but today we're going to focus exclusively on sensual bachata.

The artist Korke & JudithPhotography of World Mastery

Korke is the creator of the Sensual Bachata style: more than 13 years ago, he wanted to express more feelings and passion while dancing bachata and began to add various body movements, isolations and other undulations to strengthen the connection and harmony between couples in the dance.

Sensual bachata is characterized by body expression and dissociation of movements. The interpretation of this music is sought through body waves (both boy and girl), hip eights and dry blows, without forgetting the narrow distance between the couple.

Ready to create your new sensual bachata playlist? Let's go!

1# Reik “Ya me entere”

Reik is a pop/latino band, created in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. They were nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America 2005 and the Grammy Latin 2005. What do you think of this romantic theme of sensual bachata?

2# Jr. “Amarte Sin Amarte”

Jr is a restless singer-songwriter who from a very young age felt a great inclination for music and began to project to become a recognized artist. Did you know it?

3# Bazzi  “Beautiful” (DJ Tronky Bachata Remix)

Enjoy this so sensual and calm remix of Bazzi the initial author with DJ Tronky, one of the most recognized bachata DJs of the moment. Do you dare to mark some waves?

4# Lola Jane & Melvin War “Kiss me”

Lola Jane delights us with this incredible song that allows us to dream with our eyes open and transmits all its sensuality through a sweet and delicate melody to the rhythm of bachata.

5# Kewin Cosmos “Drama”

Kewin Cosmos is a Dominican-American singer, composer and producer who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. When he was only 14 years old, Cosmos began to compose music. Let his great passion take you in musical form and dance!

6# Dani J - “La última noche”

Our beloved Sevillian singer, Dani J. Dani J has created a whole repertoire of songs that today are a success on the bachateras dance floors of Spain and Europe. Surely you are one of those who get up from the couches of the disco when one of their songs plays, right?

7# Sebastián Yatra ft. Karen Mendez  “Traicionera” (DJ Tronky Bachata Remix)

And again we highlight some of the remixes of DJ Tronky with Sebastian Yatra ft. Karen Mendez. Traicionera, I care what you want me ... so says the chorus of the song. Find your best dance hall and dance!

8# Jesse & Joy “Me soltaste” (DJ Alejandro Bachata Remix)

Did you know this Jesse & Joy song? The song remixed by Dj Alejandro transmits a lot of delicacy and melancholy. A good melody to mark the basic steps of bachata.


And finally, we share some videos of the most recognized professional dancers in the dance of sensual bachata:

Workshop Marco y Sara |  Amarte sin amarte | Jr / bachata sensual 2018


Daniel y Desiree | Que Bonito |  @ Bachata Day 2017


Cornel and Rithika | Bachata Sensual | How Long - Charlie Puth | Dj Selphi mix ft. Camilo Bass


We hope you like our selection of sensual bachatas for listening and dancing. However, we know there are many more sensual bachata songs and would love to have them added to our list.

Please comment on your favourite bachata song in the comments.