Are you looking for some basic steps of bachata for beginners because every time you listen to a bachata song your feet move, you feel the music deep inside you, but you are ashamed to dance because you don't know, or you think you don't know?

Then it's time to remedy the situation and sign up for dance classes: P

Some time ago we published 4 basic steps of bachata to dance to any song and perhaps you may be interested before reading on.


Starting bachata dancing is very easy

It's not about becoming a real specialist, but about dancing a song and enjoying dancing.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind, and that is that with only eight basic steps of bachata you can dance to any song.

But first, do you know the history of bachata? Who were its first singers? You can see it here.


First steps of bachata

If you've convinced yourself that you have to learn to dance bachata, even if it's a few steps or basic levels of bachata, cheer up! For now, all you have to do is continue reading.

To start bachata dancing, the first thing you need to know is that there are four pulses in each beat. Although you will see many figures, bachata is a very free dance. Once you know how to dance, you can improvise.

The different steps for dancing bachata vary between men and women.

For the woman, the basic step would be this: to begin with, following the rhythm of the music, she moves her right foot to the right, then her left foot to the right. You take a little break. In the third measure we would move the right foot to the right again, in the fourth measure we put together left and right foot and, while touching the ground with the sole of the left foot, we give a touch with the hip, with a blow of hip.

In the case of men, the steps are similar, but with some differences: you start with the left foot, dragging it to the left. Then the right foot to the left. In the third measure, repeat again and bring your left foot back to the left. In measure number four we will make the same movement as the woman, that is, join the two feet and touch the floor with the sole of the right foot. While touching the floor we raise the hip on the right side, in a marked way.

The basic step of bachata back and forth
As it is simple to suppose, the basic step of bachata backwards is the same as the basic lateral steps we have seen, but changing direction. Instead of taking the steps to the left or right we will take the steps backwards in a row.

The basic forward step is the same as the backward step, but changing direction.

Couple dancing is combined with the step of bachata forward. One in the pair moves backward and the other in the pair moves forward.

The basic return of bachata in women

It is a very simple twist between the steps to learn to dance bachata. The start is with the basic lateral step. On the signal from the leader of the couple, the woman turns to her right. To do this, take a step to the right with your right foot. He then steps with his left foot, turning his body to the right. In the third half he takes a step with his right foot, turning his body to face his partner. In the fourth half, in the position facing your partner, you will touch the ground with the tip of your left foot.

the basic step of lateral back bachata
Most of the basic steps of bachata can be danced on the back. When dancing on the back, it is usually the woman who puts her partner on her back. In this way, the back side bachata step is the basic step of bachata, but made in that position.

At the man's signal, the woman changes her position, standing on her back with half a turn. In this position, the leader holds her left hand with his left hand and the right hand with his right, flexibly. This way, they will make the lateral step in the same direction.

Step in the same place with hip movement
These are some of the other typical dance steps in bachata. In this way, the rhythm is mainly marked with the hips, without taking any steps. The body will be in the same place at all times, marking the rhythm with the hips. In time number four, a finish is made, raising the hip upwards.

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