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Pura Bachata Dance Studio

Tarragona, Tarragona
Pura Bachata Dance Studio is a center directed by Lau & July (www.lauyjulybachata.com) located in the city of Tarragona and dedicated mainly to bachata. In our dance school there are courses and training for all levels. If you want to learn to dance bachata in Tarragona with Lau and July call us and try a FREE...
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Salsaburu Escuela de Baile

Tarragona, Tarragona
We are a dance school in Tarragona of recognised prestige in our sector. We offer you the possibility of learning to dance with teachers who are prepared in different styles and with a lot of experience, both in preparing yourself to enjoy yourself on the dance floor, and if you want to go further and belong to one...

Infinity Dansa

Valls , Tarragona
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3 years ago we created the first Infinity Dance Centre in Valls, and now we have a year that will extend our facilities to the first Escola de Dansa created in Valls, the old Escola de Dansa Pas. With which there are currently two Infintiy Dance Centres, one at c/Cor de Maria and the other at c/Colom, both at your...

Escuela Báilame

Tarragona, Tarragona
The Salsa School is a dance academy in Tarragona where you can learn to dance with the online and Cuban salsa classes, bachata, kizomba, with the best teachers, the best training and at the best price. U!dance is more than just a way of dancing, it is a way of feeling, laughing and meeting unique people.

Recchia Danza

Reus, Tarragona
We are specialists in salsa, bachata, kizomba and more. RecchiaDanza is a dance school located in Reus founded in 2011, specialized in all kinds of Latin rhythms. Cuban Salsa, Kizomba, Afro-Cuban dance, bachata, zumba and body expression. All this and more, in a school that is completely renovated in terms of...


Tarragona, Tarragona
Salsa is everything to me, a business? Yes, but also a way to disconnect from problems, a way to express who I am, and a way to make everyone smile whenever I teach a class. That is why it is called "salsa", a mixture of conditions, moments and experiences where they all come together to bring out the best in each...

Enric & Montse Salsa

Reus, Tarragona
We entered the world of dance in July 1993 with Miriam Buitrago del Vendrell (Tarragona) and with her we made our first dance steps. In November of the same year we began to receive American-style ballroom dancing classes from Begoña Fraga, from Mari Carmen Fraga's dance school in Reus. We were trained there...

Nou Estil

Salou, Tarragona
Dance school located in Salou that offers us a variety of different dance styles, with which to learn, have fun and get in shape. URBAN #hiphop #popping #house #break #freestyle #freestyle CLASSIC #ballet #modernjazz #contempo SOCIAL #salsa #rimoslatinos #electroswing #lindyho

Núria Díez Escola de Dansa

Reus, Tarragona
Our school, founded in 1994, offers education aimed at children, young people and adults, with quality training, where it is constantly evolving, both pedagogically and artistically. A training that tries to give tools and resources so that the students reach a good level of learning, independently of whether they...

Quick Dance Amposta

Amposta, Tarragona
Quick Dance School, is a group of dance academy in the province of Tarragona, where you can find different styles such as mambo, tap dance, bachata, flamenco, zumba... To combine with your work day.

Espacio de Tango

Tarragona, Tarragona
In Espacio de Tango we teach the Argentine tango that is danced in milongas all over the world. It is a walking tango that focuses on the embrace and interpretation of music. It is based on the improvisation generated by the marking of the man and the monitoring of the woman. This means that each couple of dancers...

Estudi Dansa Montserrat

Sant Pere i Sant Pau, Tarragona
Dance has gone from being an entertainment for the kings and their courts and the audience of some important opera houses, to being a great popular show that thousands of people from all over the world contemplate and enjoy today. It is the only scenic art that knows no limits of language and that expresses a...

Estudi Giselle

Cambrils, Tarragona
To transmit the technique, expression, feeling and passion for dance in all the disciplines we teach, making students enjoy both amateurs and those who want this art to be their way of life in the future. In this dance school you can aim your children to learn different styles


Torredembarra, Tarragona
We offer classes for all ages from the age of 3. For the youngest there are classes of INITIATION where the psychomotor apparatus, the rhythm, the elasticity, the creativity, etc. are worked, introducing all these subjects with games and exercises, where the child learns to express himself alone and in group....

Indra Escola de Dansa

Tarragona , Tarragona
Dance school of oriental origin such as Dansa contemporània, dansa del ventre, bollywood, dansa zíngara oriental, tribal fussió, dansa de la polinesia, burlesque.

Pas a Pas Escola de Ball

Tarragona, Tarragona
The main activity of the school is to teach ballroom dancing, both in terms of the social variant and the sports variant. It is located in the city of Tarragona and is run by professionals in ballroom dancing with extensive recognition and experience. Learning to dance is a way to have fun with your partner,...

Dance Global Gim

Tarragona , Tarragona
DANCE GLOBAL GIM is a project that was born in 2014 by the Alhambra Dance School and the Gimnasio Global Romera in Tarragona. With a long experience behind us as a dance school in the province of Tarragona and the more than 25 years of the Romera gymnasium, we are ready to offer a totally renewed and...


El Vendrell, Tarragona
Vidance is a school and dance hall located in El vendrell, province of Tarragona. Its aim is to bring together all dance lovers and students who enjoy ideal facilities and a great atmosphere. The school offers courses of all modalities and for all ages. Every weekend and holiday, Vidance opens its doors to offer...

Wapachá - Avinguda President Macià

Reus, Tarragona
In Wapachá dance school we have two centres in Reus, Tarragona and in the WAPACHA dance school of the Avinguda President Macià, 25 we offer quality teaching at all levels and styles of Ballroom Dance, both in the Social and Sport Dance and Competition categories. The courses we give are designed to facilitate...

Wapachá - Carrer Mare de Déu del Pilar

Reus, Tarragona
In Wapachá we have two dance schools in Reus and in the dance school WAPACHA del Carrer Mare de Déu del Pilar, 3 we offer quality teaching at all levels and styles of Ballroom Dance, both in the Social and Sports Dance and Competition categories. The courses we give are designed to facilitate learning and above...

Escola de Dansa Jaqueline Biosca

Amposta, Tarragona
The purpose of the school at the time it was founded was to encourage the practice of dance, so that a favourable environment could be created by discovering and encouraging people of all ages..... The subjects taught were: classical ballet, modern dance, placement, Gim-jazz. All these subjects were aimed at...

Artis Reus

Reus, Tarragona
The present School was born from the fusion of the Artis Dance School founded in 1947 and the M. Carmen Fraga Dance School with 35 years of experience in the teaching of this discipline. Find out more about the school's NEW PROPOSALS and the NEWS... We are aware of the current situation, and in addition to not...


cunit, Tarragona
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German champion of Salsa Cubana in 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2004. Internationally recognized in Salsa festivals in Europe, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, France, Romania, Spain, Australia, Holland, etc, giving classes and workshops. He was also one of the main dancers and...

Adagi Escola de Dansa

Valls, Tarragona
My ear listens, my heart beats, my soul awakens, my body comes alive and moves! The magic of music hypnotizes me and makes me vibrate, makes me feel and... DANCE! And through dancing I give thanks, I discover in myself love, light, joy. I'm music, I'm a musical note, I'm an instrument. My body responds to music...

DreamDance Ebs

Vinyols i Els Arcs, Tarragona
Dream Dance Dance School where we teach many different rhythms and for different ages, both to children and adults. Directed by Myriam and Natalia, the school offers us hip-hop, funky, ballet, zumba and dance.

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