Bachata Day Milan 2019 (7ª Edición)

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Del viernes 1 de marzo a las 14:50 al lunes 4 de marzo a las 05:00
Hotel Da Vinci Miliano **** Via Senigallia, 6 20161 - Milano Milano
Bachata - Bachata Dominicana - Bachata Sensual
Este evento terminó el 04 mar 2019


Hotel Da Vinci Miliano ****
Via Senigallia, 6
20161 - Milano
01 noviembre 2019


12 marzo 2019
11 marzo 2019
Erin Kelly Nicole
08 marzo 2019

The venue was okay, though it was a little far from the City Centre and was somewhat tricky to travel to and from at late hours using public transit.

Registration was super quick and easy. There were always a decent number of staff available to ask questions/clarification and they communicated well and were very helpful for the most part. However, I do wish that there had been maps posted/available and more program booklets given out/available.

The line for the coat check was abominable - it could have been much more efficient, but people were waiting to check coats for over 30min - over an hour.

Unfortunately, I thought that half of the workshops I attended left much to be desired. For example, the workshops with Daniel/Desiree and Ataca/Alemana were almost less than helpful as there were soo many people in such a large space that I was unable to see or hear any of the instruction well (even with the screens, as I'm rather short and couldn't see over others' heads), and there wasn't even enough room to properly execute any of the patterns/moves as there were so many people that we were practically stepping on each other (I was stepped on a few times, as well as bumped by elbows, hands, etc.). Furthermore, during a Dominican Footwork workshop I was unable to learn anything because - even though the instructors were set up on a stage - I was unable to see their footwork because they never rotated lines and I was stuck at the back. One pair of instructors I attended also didn't explain things very well. However, on the other hand, I found several of the other instructors to be incredibly engaging and inspiring and to be very good.

The 5 social rooms were okay and decently well ventilated/air-conditioned considering, and the sound quality was okay. However, I did think that the choices in music could have been better and there maybe could have been better if there were a few chairs in the Venezia room. The level and quality of dancing was great at the socials and the ratios were relatively good so that there didn't appear to be many people being left out at any given time.

08 marzo 2019


El festival BACHATA DAY MILAN 2019 está listo para que lo vivas un año más.

Este es el primer y mejor congreso italiano de bachata con más de 60 horas de talleres con una formación de cinco estrellas.

Disfrutará de 3 noches de fiestas con 5 salas para bailar con música diferente. Habitación 1:100% Bachata, habitación 2:50% salsa 50% bachata; habitación 3:100% kizomba; habitación 4:100% salsa; habitación 5:100% bachata sensual.

Si quieres saber lo que vas a experimentar en la 7ª edición de la Bachata Dy Milan 2019 será lo siguiente.

En la primera noche tendremos la 7ª edición del Concurso Internacional de Bachata, el sábado por la noche veremos los increíbles espectáculos de los Artistas nacionales e internacionales que asisten a ese festival y el domingo por la noche estará dedicado a las estrellas nacientes.


Ataca y La Alemana

El tiguere y Maria Ramos/bianca

Frank Santos y gatica

Alex e desiree

Luis e Andrea

Ronald y Alba

Abdel y Lety (NUEVO)

Gabriel e Leticia (NUEVO)

Chaves y Silvia

Andrea e Silvia

Compañía de danza extravagante

Simone y Serena

Peter e Lili

Gabriel e Bego

Daniele e Desiree

Sergio y Marichu

Andrea e Giulia

Willy e Noura

Carlos Espinosa y M. Angeles

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