Meeting of the Brazilian Zouk in Barcelona

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From Thursday 19 of October at 22:00 to Friday 20 of October at 03:00
Lambazouk - Zouk
This event finished on 20 Oct 2017


Discoteca Barroko's Barcelona
Calle Aribau 242
08006 - Barcelona



I present my new project in the Barrakos hall of Barcelona, this project will be done in room 2.

It will be a monthly party where I will gather all the schools of Barcelona in a local referent.

SCHEDULE: The party will be from 22:00h to 03:00h.

They offer me the hall to do events and I would like to occupy one day a month for the dance that I fell in love with and I still love the Brazilian zouk.

As always, my only goal is to bring people together and have a place at least once a month to practice our dance steps and have fun.

PRICE: Minimum Mandatory Consumption (refreshment or beer 6€).

Next Thursday the 19th I will be waiting for you in Barrakos.

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