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Since his childhood, Javi has been practicing sports such as soccer, athletics and various forms of martial arts, including Taekwondo, Kendo and Aikido-Ki. This background enabled Javi to learn about partnership and respect, two important aspects in dance. An aficionado of bikes, computers and good food and wine, Javi never expected to be a dancer. At least until he discovered MZouk through Antonio Hernandez Sanchez in 2009. He quit Aikido so that he could quench his thirst for Zouk, and learnt MZouk at Spiral Dance School, extensively learning for 3 years in all levels, with Daniel and Leticia Estevez.

Curious, non-conformist and passionate. Three words that Javi uses to shape his perspective of Zouk. As a result, he resolved to recognise the different Zouk styles, such as NeoZouk, Zouk Flow, Soul Zouk, Traditional Zouk and LambaZouk, taking private classes with the creators/exponents of each style, to know the base and philosophy of each one. Since then, he has not stopped learning and participating in congresses around Europe and Brazil. He has taken private classes with distinct teachers, for instance Mafie Zouker, Ruanita and Dirk (NeoZouk creators), Gegê (MZouk creator), Arkkanjo and Diana (Zouk Flow creators), among others.

In 2013 Javi began his training for teaching with the ZoukDevils group, partnered by Maite Chicano. He has taught classes both locally, in Barcelona, Mataro and Mollet del Valles, as well as nationally at congresses and workshops in Bilbao, Cadiz and Palma de Mallorca. Known for his creativity on the dance floor, Javi is recognised as a teacher with a strong technical base, yet fun and social, focusing on connection and musicality.

In addition to being a dancer and teacher, Javi is also a DJ, under the name DubZouker, Javi has made remixes and plays regularly at the best Zouk venues in Barcelona. He has played both nationally, in Barcelona, Mataro, Bilbao and Cadiz, as well as internationally at the Zouk Fantasy Weekend in Brazil (2014). Javi is also an organiser of multiple events, including the 1st Zouk Open Barcelona (Jack & Jill 2012), the International Zouk Flashmob (2012 and 2013), and the ZoukDevils & Friends Summer Weekend (2013 and 2014). As the president for the Association for the Promotion of Brazilian Zouk (Spain), it is Javi´s aspiration to promote awareness and further improve the Zouk community in Spain.

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