Dj Sabura
Dj Sabura

Dj Sabura



African and World Music DJ


The year was 1999, and I had just arrived in Lisbon. In a casual boy's night-out at the Mussulo night club, I began to listen to a strange, involving sound, with a strong beat, not quite familiar, and yet I couldn't just stay still.

Soon after, my body wanted to dance to it, and I began to get "that" stare from every black girl I asked to dance. I survived with a Cuba Libre in my hand (it has always been my companion...).

One night, back in 2003, while hanging out at Paulinha's and João's Carib Club, the designated DJ failed to appear. Paulinha, whom I had known for a long time, asked me to go over to the DJ booth and change the CD... I haven't stopped since.

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