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Peter & Lili

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Peter & Lili are certified and official bachata sensual dance instructors of the style creators by Korke & Judith and we participate in different congresses all over the world. Specially in bachata festivals in Europe and in our country Hungary.

They common love is the Cádiz-type bachata sensual what created by Korke. This type of bachata is based on body and touch lead (jazz basics), using and combining movements from many other dance styles (cuban & crossbody salsa, kizomba, zouk and even tango).

They are certified trainers of World Hug Dance Project, and coaching Korke & Judith Hungarian choreography team for a common international performance in Portugal.

Peter is an international bachata DJ too (known as DJ Raven). He is playing on the biggest festivals in Europe (Cádiz, Barcelona, Montpellier, Stuttgart) and we can hear his music also as a resident bachata DJ on the biggest parties in Hungary.

They want to show a specific view on their workshops – how to hear, feel freedom and express yourself in the music. They are teaching basics techniques in leading and following because they are in the same opinion what Korke said: 'bachata sensual is not a choreography', based on strict movements, but everybody can dance anytime with anybody.

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