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This dance company was born in 2008 in Milan, Italy. With the creator, choreographer and Italian dancer Marco Ferrigno. From the beginning, he has selected dancers with a very high profile and international background. Proposing themselves with a fusion of diverse cultures (ITALY and MEXICO), and of course, talents, same reason why they're known in the salsa world as THE MODERN SALSA COMPANY.

In July 2010 they presented for the 1st time to a salsa public a 45 minutes production called "Poesia". In which not just salsa had interfere also flamenco, rumba, afro, lyrical jazz, ballet and a great amount of different latin rhythms, showing how it's possible to blend every step with a really personal music interpretation.

Ansima represents purely dance quality giving the formal respect to salsa roots but at the same time sugesting a continuous evolution of the tecnique. They are growing as one of the most recognized companies and surelly, they will leave their modern filosophy and style in the history of latin culture as they're offering to the world, a VERY UNIQUE WAY OF FEELING SALSA.

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