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We would like to introduce our Dj for this event, Dj Lenhy.

I start to mix it 9 years ago but it was not the KIZOMBA. I was in the AFRO ZOUK style. My father was a DJ of Caribbean nights and it happened that I mix also in those events. The Kizomba whys? My mother is originally from Cape Verde, so I have always loved this music since childhood. I'm in Kizomba other for almost 5 years and I have started to mix in Marseille and I specialized in this field and I have participated in the events more and more with some dj who was already recognized for their talent. For 2 years I mix throughout France and I have started to travel in europe there soon one year with dates in Holland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Swiss ..... 2016 is the year where I mix in several festivals and in various countries like CANADA, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Poland, but also in France and I have participate in IM YOUR DJ first editions and I also participated in the second on December 31. ... I am not a teacher but I like to share some dance because I have need to feel what you feel when you dance you .The mix transitions and history mix are important I'm happy to come discover a new culture and meet you we will travel and I'll let you discover my concept #SENSKIZ through my compositions.

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