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Dj Lalo

Dj Lalo "El Bandido"



Dj Lalo was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 15 he moved to The Netherlands.

His passion for music started at a young age listening to all the different latin styles at family parties and daily life on radio stations, buses, taxis etc. Dj Lalo plays what the dancers wants, he looks at the crowd and tries to have the dance floor as full as possible always changing styles and creating a flow during the party, Salsa is his first love but he is also to be found at 100% Bachata parties delivering good music.

Dj Lalo is also into Djing with old school vinyl records, he owns a humble collection of Salsa Lps, together with Dj Willy (Amsterdam) he has an event called The Vinyl Experience where the concept is solid 90% Salsa with 10% Bachata using only vinyl records (Salsa).

Dj Lalo

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