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Curtis Seldon: Born in Congo on 21 June 1986, Curtis arrived in France at the age of 3. He grew up in a festive universe rich in music and dance, a mix of multiple African influences and rhythms thanks to his father who produced several African artists, such as Papa Wemba Geo Bilango etc... Passionate, creative and ambitious, he undertakes to pursue his dreams in artistic circles. The creation of his label "CHANGEMYLIFERECORDS" will be a real springboard in his work to the realization of multiple instrumentals for renowned artists. In 1998, he will be spotted by football scouts, where he will have the honor to be part of a club in Portugal for 1 year. Combining straight and very technical, his footwork will prove to be an asset later on. However, the young man will end his sporting career to promote his passion in the musical field. Dina Mendes is one of her biggest successes as a producer. Currently the singer is the most requested thanks to her song "I want it" feat Mika Mendes. His encounter with Kizomba in 2011 will be a total blossoming of a lifetime. He gives up everything, to live from his passion and will devote himself body and soul to it with his partner Cherazad. They had the pleasure of seeing their performance at "Sensual Madrid 2011". Always looking for new experiences, he participates in the international competition of Kizomba, Semba "AFRICADANCAR 2012" and qualifies for the semi-final France with Monika. They had the honour of representing their country at the final in Portugal. Curtis Seldon is one of the best international teachers of Kizomba and Semba today ,with his irreproachable pedagogy and an excellent course in 3 years already.he has brought a lot to the Kizomba he is a model to himself in style and his dance . He is one of the few teachers to master Kizomba and Semba at the same time. He is a glob trotter He links countries and cities and shares his passion with us with simplicity and conviviality. He is the creator of the urbankiz a style of dance that he popularized in 2012 with Cherazad his former partner thanks to different influences such as contemporary hip hop Rnb tango etc...

Thanks to them Urbankiz goes around the world and their style is appreciated by most kizomba fanatics .

In 2014 Curtis separates from his partner and continues his path by continuing to share his passion with you. He collaborated with different dancers like Gigi and Macarena. In 2015 Curtis asked Carola Tauler, Albir's former partner, to be his partner. To date Curtis and Carola are doing remarkable work on urbankiz and kizomba. They are one of the couples most in demand today thanks to their pedagogy, their good mood and their style...

You can find them in the biggest Kizomba Festivals in Europe.

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Mar 22
Marriott hôtel Paris Charles de Gaulle
Tickets available. Save 10€.
May 24
Barcelona , Hotel Don Angel
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