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Before Johnny started the dance school in 2013, he passionately explained the principles of the Eddie Torres Technique to a small number of fanatics. Soon there were requests for private lessons and for regular group lessons. Johnny realized very well that he could have started giving salsa lessons right away, given the enthusiasm.

To teach people from the basics how to dance salsa really well, Johnny knew that as a teacher he had a big responsibility to offer high quality technical lessons. From this sense of responsibility he decided to further develop himself as a dancer first. As a result, in September 2013 Johnny managed to create a very powerful concept with detailed teaching materials under the name Dance Company Poetic Motion.

From that moment on it has started to grow. One person was not enough to expand and spread this concept and vision. Gina Abbate has joined the team from spring 2015. She has a great contribution as a teacher but also as co-owner she has had a great influence on the development of the dance school over the years. She is also an important role model for female students.

Given the explosive increase in interest, the team has recently been expanded and new teachers have been added to the team to spread the vision further.

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