Sambor & Mery
Sambor & Mery

Sambor & Mery

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One of the coolest and most recognizable bachata pairs in Poland! Check it yourself:)
Huge experience, unique activities, mega-climate, masses of exercises, technique, fun and a multitude of new skills at each level. They love to dance, love to teach, conquer the hearts of all where they appear.

Innovative activities with "Niedotyku", communication and contact in pairs, improvisation, embroidered bachatowa technique and tricks.
It teaches not the figures themselves, but the interaction in pairs, the dance as a system of communication, creating something unique by each of you.

A few years ago Bachata became the most important to him and he decided to devote himself to it. Since then he has been spending most of his time on the dance floor developing his movement skills. For him this dance has no limits: he teaches the base and then makes the students realize that everyone can create their own style. Apart from technique, he focuses on emotions in dance, the way of touch, the flow of energy between partners, stage expression and the relationship that is created in pairs. He looks creatively at movement and constantly looks for new movement solutions. His original idea is to teach through touch, where partners dance opposite each other, but without physical contact. He is also one of the few who conducts classes in isolation, thanks to which you can significantly improve the awareness of your body.

Her adventure with movement began with ballroom dance. Then came the time for Jazz and Hip Hop. She was trained in Cracow's schools: She attended Shock Mode, Jazz Dance Center and Dance Theatre DF. She graduated from a two-year course in Choreography and Instructor Studies. She worked as a dancer in the TAMTAMITUTU bodypainting group and as an instructor at the Shock Mode Dance Academy. She has been involved in Caribbean dances for 5 years. She started with Cuban salsa, but her true love was Bachata.

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