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DJ Grabowsky

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DJ Grabowsky


My name is Attila Jeszenszky, alias DJ Grabowszky from Hungary.

Who is Grabowszky? He is a Hungarian cartoon character, whom I take after according to my friends, that is why my stage name is Grabowszky, or shortly just Grabo.

I have always been interested in the disk jockey profession, almost since my childhood. In the beginning I held house-parties with a double cassette player, later on, as technics developed, I began to use CD players at high-school, then I bought my first DJ turntables. I have always adored dancing, and life drifted me towards the couple dance style, especially Cuban Salsa in 2007. I took part in several amateur national and international competitions in solo, in couple or in group choreographies, and I have won altogether 11 cups.

In 2011 Tamás Nagy and Veronika Farkas had me get acquainted with Kizomba. Thanks to them, I stood behind the DJ deck again, and I specialized in the West African music: Cabo Love, Kizomba, Semba, and Tarraxa, but the Kuduro and Afro House are also included in my music repertoire.

Today I belong to the DJs of the new generation and I play music on laptop and controller.

I have appeared in several Hungarian clubs since 2011 where there were opportunities for making sensual room music besides Salsa. By now, I am one of the most well-known Kizomba DJs in Hungary and I am often invited to play at Kizomba parties, at least twice a week.

At national workshops, I have already made music for teachers like: Ricardo&Paula (Afrolatin Connection), Helio Santos, Kwenda Lima, Jamba, Paulo & Lanna, Joao & Giedre, Jacinto Teka, and Albir Rojas, or for the internationally also well-known and recognized Hungarian Kizomba teachers, Tamás Nagy and Veronika Farkas.

And I have worked with internationally recognized DJs like DJ Paparazzi, DJ Hugo Boss, DJ Chad, DJ Lindt, DJ Muxima, DJ Job, and DJ Virus.

I am always glad to be invited to international events!

Music and dance is my life!

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