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China is the creator of SOULZOUK, zouk Freestyle. First style being “baptized” in the new generation of zoukers, taught in more than 200 workshops and 50 Congresses. A dancer since 1998, choreographer and a teacher since 2005, today China teaches at Jimmy de Oliveira’s Dance Studio. In 2004 received the “Best of the year” award, zouk category, in Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays, he works tirelessly to divulge the Soulzouk metodology in Brazil.

About Soulzouk:

The SOULZOUK style has been gaining increasing space with zoukeiros all over because of it’s contemporary look, with a basic premise: To respect the fundamental principles of the performance of human movement.

1. The relationship with the music - The style explores the melody.

2. A major innovation of movements - SOULZOUK uses “torsion” steps, “tables”, “torso flexions” and so many others, created by the different lead.

3. Differentiated lead - In SOULZOUK the gentleman learns to lead the lady not only with arms and hands, but with the whole body (arms, hands, legs, shoulders, torso, head ...)

4. Musical Variety - The style fits well in many styles of music from the Zouk itself to R & B, Hip Hop, Cabo Love ...

5. Great concern for the healthiness and / or comfort of the dancer. SOULZOUK’s movements and techniques were all examined by an expert in biomechanics, a physical coach, in order to obtain more gain with less effort, as it should be in all physical activities.

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