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Created and developed by Reda Dance since 2012, Urban Latine Moves is a concept combining Latin and urban dances.

Urban Latine Moves is based on the different Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Chacha, to which are brought techniques of isolation, undulations as well as the flow and groove of Hip Hop.

This concept is lived and danced through both Latin and urban dances and is available in different types: choreographic, couple and improvisation.

Urban Latin Moves has developed according to the vision of Reda Dance, dancer and choreographer, with a history and artistic journey in both urban and latino environments.

His university training (DEUST professions of the form (Licence Sciences de l' Education) and his professional experience of more than 10 years, allow him to transmit a pedagogy and teaching adapted to different audiences.

His rich and diversified career path allows him to develop Urban Latin Moves while respecting a harmonious and balanced mix of urban and Latin dances.

It emphasizes body expression and the lyrical aspect, while relying on musicality.

Through Urban Latine Moves, Reda Dance brings dance to life and makes this discipline accessible to everyone.

This page is dedicated to Urban Latin Moves, so you can follow the different events and latest videos about this concept and the work presented by Reda Dance.

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