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A kizomba DJ in the booth must be the one who, using music and his own ear and instinct, leads the audience to enjoy the dance, giving an added value to the situation in which the couples are immersed on the dance floor...easier said than done.

The DJ must take care of the volumes, the energy of the composition, the thematic continuity of the songs while they are being introduced, the structure of the bars (the metric of the music adapted to the dance in particular of the kizomba) and of course, to achieve by means of the appropriate technique that the musical mixture is sweet, harmonic, energetic, without interruptions or stridencies and does not add an effect of distraction for the dancers but that it enhances the special sensations that the kizomba gives.

As Dj Scan, I try to make the dancers enjoy themselves and to adapt the energy of the dance floor so that everyone can enjoy themselves without stopping.

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Nov 08
Valladolid , Hotel NH Ciudad de Valladolid
Tickets available. Save 25€.


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