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Glòria is a native of Sabadell, Barcelona. He has always enjoyed physical activity and sport and has dedicated his life, academic training and free time to this.

A fan of music programs and video clips, she started dancing at home until one summer she entered a gym where they taught jazz and aerobics. Since then, this has been his lifestyle. He started working in sports centres at the age of 15, teaching directed classes in aerobics, toning, etc. He began his passion for teaching.

As he grew older, he specialized in physical activity, health and sports. She graduated in Physical Education Teaching in 2002, in Physiotherapy in 2008 and specialized in women's health with a Master's degree in urogynecology and obstetrics in 2009. It continues to dedicate itself to physical activity and health both with its clients in consultation and by providing training to other professionals in the same field.

At the same time, he continues his passion for dancing. She was a Gogo and entertainer in different discos since 1998. Taking part in the Cheerleaders casting of the Barcelona Dragons in 2001 was his big step onto the stage. As a Cheerleader of the Catalan football team, he met Mònica Escribà, director of the ballet of shows in which he worked from 2001 to 2013. She began her career on stage, as a dancer in orchestras, in magazine ballets, doing animations, acting, etc.

He met Zouk in 2007 watching Daniel and Leticia Estévez dance. What attracted him to Zouk was being able to perform R&B music as a couple. He did not hesitate to join the class with them and learn not only to dance Zouk but also to feel the movement from another perspective: in contact with another body. She entered the Training Course for instructors and dancers in Mzouk, graduating as an instructor in 2011. Since then, he has been giving regular classes, organizing weekly Zouk parties and giving occasional classes at congresses and events. She is part of the amateur company Spiral Dancers since 2011 and currently continues her training as a teacher and dancer of Mzouk with Daniel, Leticia and Gege (master and creator of the style).

Based in Palma de Mallorca (where the style was born, Mallorca Zouk), she continues her work with the Mzouk, bringing to the classes her background of physical activity and posture care. Not only does she teach how to dance, but she educates her students in the knowledge and care of their own bodies. Knowing themselves, they will be able to take better care of their partner at the dance. Body awareness provides a better understanding of movement and connection with the other body. It is not enough to learn steps, but it is necessary to know and work on the body. To have an optimal physical condition is essential to be able to dance. In his classes of basic technique and style he transmits his passion for physical exercise, which together with the Mzouk technique makes an explosive combination.

"With body awareness, technique and a fit body, the dancer can do anything", in this event I make KIZOMBA AND SUIW.

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