Farah Julie - Farahxinha
Farah Julie - Farahxinha

Farah Julie - Farahxinha



Farahxinha....this name is a mixture between Farah (my name) and Tarraxinha (a dance I particularly like).

Illuminakiz is a state of mind, a way of seeing the world of dance and especially the kizomba, with an approach based on sharing, communication, exchange between the different artists of the world (but not only), to continue evolving oneself and evolve with each other's students, each at their own pace, for the love of dance.

Three years ago, the name of this team came to light. I was finishing my first year of teaching and what stood out most in the speech of my students was the luminous side that had entered their lives, thanks to dance.

Much more than a hobby, the kizomba has become for some of my students a true passion, a way to open up to others, a way to begin to have self-confidence, but also a great opportunity to join a family of hearts, to open up to life simply through a wonderful universe that illuminates our soul.

Thanks to all those who have supported my projects for 4 years and welcome all those who want to meet us to share this universe, always with this spirit of heart and light.

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