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www.salseandochevere.comwww.salseandochevere.comCompany of musical shows devoted entirely to Cuban popular dances (Salsa / Casino, Son, Rumba, Afro-cuban, Mambo, Chachachá, Danzón). Represented by the agency ACTUAR of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba and Member of the CID-Unesco.
What does it offer?
- Musician-dance shows with a stamp of profound Cubanness and an interactive dynamic.
-Theoretical-practical workshops of dances and percussion through the project-dance academy CLUB SALSEANDO CHEVERE.
-Artistic talent for cultural exchanges, festivals and tours abroad.
-Choreography and production for social, commercial and corporate events under the brand SENTIR EVENTOS.
How it is done?
It has an artistic talent composed of dancers, instructors, musicians and other professionals committed and recognized in the international area.
For whom?
Directed mainly to tourism for cultural purposes. A product exploited by travel agencies, hotels and cultural centers.
To promote the most authentic Cuban dance heritage inside and outside the Island of Cuba.

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