Emigen Cenaj Fusion
Emigen Cenaj Fusion

Emigen Cenaj Fusion



Emigen Cenaj originally from Albania (Shkoder) . Emigen’s family moved to Greece when he was 5 months , where he had his first step in Dancing . He started with hip hop/streetdance , and took place in various competitions and shows.
In the middle of 2012 he dicided to move back in Albania alone. Where his career started as a dancing instructor and dancer in clubs and events, later as a tv show dancer and choreographer.
He has also taken place in various video clips and shows.
Now he lives in Stockholm Sweden where he is expanding his dancing knowledge and secrets. Of course giving workshops in other European countries too
One night accidentally he ended up in a latin night event and there was when he knew that latin is what he wants , Love at first sight!
He has his own style of dancing . Mostly bachatero but he also loves salsa fusion .
Musicality is his passion.

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