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Since 9 years Michèle has been giving Cuban Salsa for adults. Michèle danced classical ballet for years and played the violin for 9 years. Graduated as a graduate in Archaeological Sciences and Art Sciences, she also obtained her aggregate diploma at the university in Ghent. As a result, she taught secondary education.
Bitten by the Art Microbe and lover of Latin American Culture, she decides to go salsa dancing 13 years ago. 5 years later, she decided to change her life with the establishment of a recognized production house for tropical dances in Ghent. That since 2016 expanded to Ostend, Eeklo, Aalter and Oudenaarde. Since 2019, the school also received additional recognition through the G-sport operation.
Since 2010 she teaches the original Cuban Salsa, but is also a fan of the Afro-Cuban Rumba & Orishas, ​​the authentic Chachacha & Son.
Due to her full-time occupation within the dance world, her knowledge is increasing year after year, and the continuous training and dance interests provide ever-increasing professional knowledge.
She has the pleasure of dancing and collaborating with the great Cuban ballerinas such as Mario Charon Alvarez (who she calls her salsa father), Alberto Valdes, Mykel Fonts, Yuniel Gual Sondeakokan, Misladys Gainza Camaguey, Yeni Mollinet, Jorge Camaguey and so many more.

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