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Lorena (Qalamana) is a dancer and teacher of Latin Dance, Ballroom Dance, Oriental Dance, Egyptian Folklore and Gawazwee Dance, Gypsy Dance, Burlesque, Tribal Fusion Dance and American Tribal Style. She is also a FEDA Seville federated Pilates instructor and a Yoga Hatha and Meditation teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and Karam Kriya School. She has been in the world of dance for more than 17 years, giving classes in different academies in Seville, gyms, associations and participating as a dancer in various national events. She has also produced her own productions, in which she has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great dancers from the national scene.

Since she was a child she has always been passionate about the world of dance, taking her first steps in classical dance at the age of 6. Due to life circumstances she had to leave her early dance training, until she was 17 years old when she got to know Latin dances from one of the precursors of these dances in Seville, Antonio Berbén; from the first day she fell in love with Latin rhythms and became part of her teacher's dance group, participating in 2001 in the International Retro Dance Festival (Torremolinos), becoming a finalist that year.

He continues his training in Latin dances with several teachers from Seville and also enters the world of ballroom dancing with Antonio Bragelli, a pioneer in Andalusia in these dances and creator of several ballroom and tango companies with shows in Spain and abroad.

Within the Latin dances, Lorena began to train in different dance congresses with international teachers of the stature of Fernando Sosa (Italy), FrikaCarolie (Holland), Jhonny Vasquez (Mexico), Stacy Lopez (Los Angeles, USA), Lázaro Castellón (Cuba), Rodrigo Torres (Chile), Ernesto Miari (Cuba), Sandy Ramos (USA), and many others. U.S.A.), Luis Vasquez and Melissa Rodriguez (Los Angeles, U.S.A.); in addition, he continues his training in Latin dances and dance technique with national teachers such as Agustín Williams, Manuel Mascarell, Barbara Cano, Roi and Thalia, Mario Layunta, etc.

Since 2002, she has been part of the group of socio-cultural instructors hired by the Seville City Council for the District workshops, initially specializing in Latin and ballroom dances, and later adding to her experience the specialty of belly dance and Pilates instructor.

In 2004 she joined the team of teachers at the "Ritmo Danzario" academy, directed by Rodrigo Torres and Bárbara Cano, receiving extensive training in both Latin dance and classroom pedagogy and gaining much more experience as a dance teacher.

In 2006 she founded, together with Jesús Arlucea, the dance group "Tumba y Tumbao", sponsored by the Catalan dance company "Salsa del Barrio", directed by one of Lorena's salsa teachers, Mario Layunta. With the group "Tumba y Tumbao" he will carry out different intensive dance workshops in national congresses and Latin rhythm shows, fusing these rhythms with urban dances such as cabaret, hip hop or funky and using the "dance theatre" technique for his performances.

As a curious person and passionate about all kinds of dances, Lorena does not stop learning and researching in different disciplines, thus enriching both her classes and her shows. Thus, in 2007 she began her training in oriental dance under the guidance of maestro Zuel, who will be her mentor in this type of dance and who will introduce her to the world of oriental dance or belly dancing. With Zuel she is trained in Arabic folklore, gawazee, gypsy dances, dance with elements, classical oriental dance, etc. In addition, he will sponsor the new company of oriental and tribal dance co-founded by Lorena, "Samsara Tribe", which will carry out various shows on national territory as well as different training events and shows related to oriental and tribal dance in general and to the Arab world. In addition to Zuel, Lorena will be trained by several Spanish bellydance teachers, extracting from each one her essence, such as Aida (Barcelona), Mónica Tello (Madrid), Nhua Kayali (Valencia), Eva Chacón (Madrid), Lili (Sevilla), Neferet (Sevilla) and with renowned international teachers such as Narjess Montasser (Tunisia), Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, and Sharon Kihara (USA).

Hand in hand with tribal fusion dance, Lorena began to investigate other styles of dance, such as Burlesque, training in Barcelona in this discipline. With this new dance she tries to bring a freshness and originality to her classes as well as to her dance shows.

In all these years she has not stopped giving various dance workshops, both for the Seville City Council and for different dance academies, congresses, associations, etc., discovering her great passion for teaching, which will lead her to devote herself entirely to teaching, although from time to time she still takes to the stage in Burlesque shows, the little worm of the stage never rests...

It was precisely in search of new techniques to improve her pedagogy that Lorena trained in Pilates, a discipline she had already been practicing for years, along with yoga, and took the Pilates instructor course at FEDA Seville, applying the beneficial techniques of this training in her dance classes. Afterwards, she did her first yoga training, becoming certified as a teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation, a path that will lead her to deepen her knowledge of this tool through various trainings and courses. This last year she obtained the international certification as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan endorsed by Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and trained at the Karam Kriya School by Satya Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh.

She currently teaches regular classes in Seville and intensive workshops in several Spanish cities upon request.

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