I have been trained in Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata, Kompa, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk dances and in dance styles which have influenced those dances mentioned above (Bolero, Merengue, Lambada, Heels, Ballroom, Ballet, Latin competition 10 styles, Jazz, Semba, Tango, WCS, Hip Hop, so forth) by famous international artists and national teachers for a long period in my life.

Currently, I am teaching the Bachata dance, I mean as signature All Styles/Todos Estilos of Bachata in famous Bachata congress, like top3, top5, top10 or top20 of a specific country in Western Europe(France & Spain mainly). I am also Artist/Special Guest teacher/VIP Guest teacher in the same Central & Western Europe geographies, like France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, or Poland for instance. I am promoting Latin, Caribbean and Afro-Tropical dances in general. From time to time(very few) as good gesture and as pro bono publico project, you can watch me on dance congress as a tourist. You can find me for Bachata class/Bootcamp/Masterclass in Paris at SalsAlianza dance school, the school of Terry & Cecile, so famous in Salsa worldwide. My bachata & salsa group class reached 37 students in 2023. You can find me for Bachata private class(dozens of students already in France & Spain), or wedding First dance private class(4 couples trained already) or Bachata choregraphy  private class(2 times paid shows already).

In Bachata world per se, even I am a Bachata instructor in Bachata Autentica-Tradicional, in Moderna, in Fusion, in Bachata Sensual y Bachata Corporal(I am the creator and founder), I am affiliated at base to the Sensual Family, i.e Korke y Judith creator. I am VIP Guest at Bachata Sensual World Congress in Barcelona Lloret Del Mar Girona in 2023, the First worldwide Edition of Bachata Sensual Official organized by Magí y Eric and Korke y Judith themselves officially for the World. I was seen as Sensual by Korke y Judith themselves and by Kiko y Christina aswell with their "I like this dance guy/Bachatero". I got the approval from lots of Spanish international Bachata instructores(Ronald y Alba, Desiree & Daniel of DyD, Luis y Andrea, so forth).

I am the creator and founder of the Corporal Bachata style in 2019, or the Bachata Corporal style in 2019. The Bachata Corporal style is published in France on the French Dance Association records ''Federation Française de Danse'' as official registered competitor & dancer in Bachata and by the French Authority Regulator in dance/sport dance(named BDFI Bachata Dance Francia Institute) for France, Europe and worlwide (intellectual property laws for public dance association register). You can observe this Bachata style mainly in France (Paris city where it is founded in 2019) and in Spain/España. Any public can observe the first signs of this Bachata Corporal style since 2014 performed by Airam y Vero Oficial(Canary Island, Espana), Daniel y Desiree Oficial (Sevilla, Espana), former couple Antonio y Estefania Oficial(Badajoz, Espana), Luis y Andrea recently(Sevilla, Espana, since 2023) and Kike y Nahir(Cadiz, Alicante, Espana, since 2024). This Bachata Corporal style musicality is a fundamental basis part of this Bachata Corporal style, or Bachata evolution in its musicality, which is produced by DJ Jérémie(Paris & Nice cities, France), DJ Beatness Giani Felicità(Paris, France), DJ David Pedron(Paris, France), DJ Taga'Da(Paris, France), DJ D Influence(France), DJ Khalid(Spain, Sweden), Dj Mauro(Madrid, Spain), DJ Tony Pecino(Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain), Ryan Miles(Spain), DJ Husky(BCN, Spain), DJ J.Garcia(Spain), DJ Tronky(Italy), DJ Piolo(Italy), DJ Guido Londino(Italy), Dj Manuel Citro(Italy), G-Jay DJ(Italy), DJ Alebii(Italy), DJ Pepe Bassan(Italy), DJ Dimen5sion(UK), DJ Nassos b(Greece), Dj Clau(Romania), DJ Peter Bachata (Sweden), DJ Berlin Sounds (Germany), DJ Cat(Lithuania), by Mr. Don(LA, USA), DJ Soltrix(Miami, USA), DJ El Tiguere(Florida, USA), DJ Chapa(USA), DJ JP Santana(LA, USA), DJ Kuky Sweets(NY, USA), Vinny Rivera x DerekVinci (Miami, USA), J Salez(USA), DJ Sparks(Seattle, USA), DJ Marco Lopetuso, DJ MagicFlow(Argentina), DJ John Moon(Argentina), DJ Alejandro(Argentina/Israel), DJ FreddyFresh(Chile), DJ Dave Aguilar(Chile), DJ Yulios (Salvador), DJ VIVI(Xia Men, China), DJ DanDy(South Korea), DJ GMIDIA PRO Guilherme Costa(Brazil), by artist like Romero Santos(Formula 3 album Sin Fin song, USA), Aventura x Romeo Santos x Bad Bunny(Volvi, USA), Prince Royce(Curame song, USA), Esme(Mariposa song, USA), Chanel Terrero(Clavaito song, Spain), Yendry(Herrera song, Italy/Dominican Republic), Vincent Loukas(Olvidarte song, Nimes, France), by Ronny Mercedes & Lorenzo Mendez(USA), Marta Santos(Barcelona, Spain), by Conor Maynard(USA), Shawn Mendes(USA) and, by some reggaeton artists like Shakira, Manuel Turizo, Ozuna, Reina del flow, Megan & INAZZIO, Rosalia y Rauw Alejandro Beso song for instance.

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