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Cornel Rodriguez is a dancer, he took an important place in the hearts of viewers with his breathtaking performances. He was one of the participants of the reality show “Danse India Dance” with his partner Sonali kar. The couple mesmerized the judges with their wonderful performances. They won two awards.
Cornel comes from a poor family in Bajal, Mangalore in Mumbai, India where he continued his studies at St. Aloysius College. He did not have any professional dance training, but learned to dance on his own, watching videos on Youtube and this is how he mastered this art. Thanks to his passion, he realizes his dream and becomes an expert in dance on stage, and even a Bollywood-style choreographer. Bollywood remains one of the most recognized styles: To develop your sensuality and your scenic ease, there is no better!

Rithika Poojary was born in Numbai, where she studied at Lycée Canossa. After graduating, she learned dance, first at Saks Salon for a year, then she met Cornel Rodriguez who made her dance.
When dancing, a woman can easily guess the character of her partner. There's the bully, who makes big violent movements and doesn't realize he's twisting his partner's arm - the picky stuck-up who counts his steps and moves with the grace of a rusty robot - the joker, who does a little anything but with whom we have fun. But Cornel knows how to feel the music and make his partner feel it and it's well known that dance lessons facilitate connections, even the discovery of love. Gradually, Rithika and Cornel fall in love, never leave each other and always dance together. Now they are very famous on social networks for their osmosis and their style of dancing as a couple: La Bachata Sensual.

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Mar 01
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