Crixus, originally from Mexico and now based in Spain, is a multifaceted artist whose passion and dedication to dance have made him stand out in the salsa and Latin rhythms scene for the past 20 years. His love for music and movement has turned him into a recognized figure in the dance scene, where his flawless technique and infectious energy capture the essence of Latin culture.

Besides his expertise in dance, Crixus is also a professional mixologist, adding a unique dimension to his artistic persona. His ability to blend flavors and create innovative cocktails complements his magnetic stage presence, making him a true showman. Crixus not only entertains with his dance moves but also tantalizes the senses with his cocktail creations, offering a complete experience that goes beyond the dance floor.

Bodybuilding is another facet of his life, showcasing his commitment to discipline and self-care. His impressive physique is a testament to hours of dedication and hard work, and it is reflected in the strength and grace he brings to every performance. This blend of dance, mixology, and bodybuilding makes Crixus a unique personality in the entertainment world, where his talent and charisma shine brightly.

Crixus represents the fusion of culture, art, and sport, bringing together different worlds to create an unforgettable experience. Whether on the dance floor, behind the bar, or in the gym, Crixus is a true artist who lives and breathes passion for what he does, inspiring all those fortunate enough to witness his art.

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