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If I start to tell you what I did... or what I can do... or what I think that I can do... I will tell the truth for sure, I will probably tell what you want to hear from me... I don’t know... I will try to impress as much as I can to get what I think is good for me to please you...that what we call CV... etc. In fact, I do value and respect the process of each human being… it’s part of life... So yes, it is very important to be grateful for all of that...

But, for now, let’s focus in what I am going to share with you in this present moment, now, without forgetting the past, of course!

I just want to reduce your expectation about myself or anything else which can make you “blind” ... not able to receive what its really me...

Bliss this all!!!!

I am fascinated for creativity... and will always allow it to flow in my daily life... when you stop creating or living the creation you are dead or your art died... there will be no connection with divinity anymore...

Be always in NOW, without forgetting where you can from... with your heart open... to be able to receive and give in balance...

Focus on your journey ... with faith!!!

Kizomba Or Passada:

I developed my own way (methodology) of dance and teaching Kizomba as a dance... which I name it “Bodhi Kizomba"...

I believe that this dance involves much more than just the body... like any other dance... Although it is known that Kizomba reactivates the willpower, the desire, the libido, the great objective of this new valuable proposal is to help to create a stronger and complete person, capable of not falling into the classic mistake of the beginner in Kizomba: confuse the compatibility and the way you have fun dancing with a certain partner, with infatuation.

So, my own way of interpreting Kizomba which I called ''Bodhi Kizomba''... which is learning without losing the axis of certainty of knowing exactly what you want and who you are, encouraging new feelings of joy, pleasure and awareness.

Kizomba or Passada is a movement in between PALOP’s countries which now is traveling the whole world.

Kaizen Dance®:

It’s not just a dance its far beyond's an way of living respecting life… it’s a tool to inspire you to create the situations for your own comfort... your Inner comfort... reaching certain level of maturity for your inner flower to blossom...

Kaizen Dance is my blessing to you!!!

Kwenda Lima

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