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Dj Julio Volcan was born in Caracas, Venezuela on 4th of September 1980 however my friends call me Julito Volcán (Julito the Volcano). Since i was 15 years old i live away from Venezuela, 6 years in Moscow- Russia and 4 years in Spain where i have collaborated to launch Salsa as RRPP and resident DJ of Picaro de la Habana in Malaga, also i am the official Dj of Malaga SalsaProductions.

The Salsa that i like best and the one that takes over when i am in the cabin is that one of the 60's, 70's and 80's especially the one of Fania All Stars despite that there are many other singers and bands from those years and these times that are simply spectacular and i also always include them in my sessions. I adore instrumental salsa and also like other latin and african rythms. My contribution to the Dancer is my best music always trying to keep variety and fusion of the past and present and that he interprets it his own creating his "Vacilon"-Enjoyment.

I consider myself a DJ with a lot of Talent who still has a lot to learn, currently I am quite satisfied with the work i have done and happy to have shared cabin with the best DJ's of Spain and other recognized worldwide as i have learnt a lot from them and their advices. Also i feel satisfied to have been present at the Main Salsa events and congresses of Andalucia and Spain as Official DJ. My main wish for Salsa is fr it to become a genre more universal than it is now and that dancers of different ages, cultures, countries and religions do not stop dancing if it is our desire to have a good time (Chevere) and create great craic!

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