Four months ago we launched go&dance and we are delighted by everything we have got and excited of all that remains to be done. As in any business venture there are challenges to overcome and victories to celebrate. Today, using the summer time which serves to relax, enjoy with your family and friends and think about what do you do and why you do it, I take this opportunity to rewrite why go&dance.

During this time we have thought many new features to improve the web page and above all to keep adding value and new functionalities. Meanwhile we have received a lot of support from friends, family and acquaintances who give advice and provide great ideas to help so you can continue to improve. Therefore, THANKS!

Why do we do what we do?

Because we want to make your life easier saving you time and money to enjoy the most of your passion for dance while helping promote dance and its benefits throughout the world.

How do we do it?

We have created an online tool for creating and managing events that allows organizers to publish the parties, dance courses and congresses and it allows you to find where to go dancing or learning to dance wherever you are and buy the tickets of these events quickly, comfortably and safely.

What motivates us to keep going?

It motivates everything we needed to do to be the best alternative to show global supply of services and products from the world of dance, from a close relationship with people, sincere and quality. Using the latest technologies to allow fully enjoy the world of dance.

In go&dance we have a big challenge ahead and we are convinced that the most important thing is you. We want to improve your user experience, add more information to be able to dance whenever you want wherever you are, offer excellent service as you deserve and bring innovative solutions to the needs you have as passionate of dancing.

So in go&dance we are always open to hearing from you and we would like you to tell us here what it takes for you to improve

A million thanks and happy summer!

The team of go&dance