Discovering the world of salsa

5 years ago living in Budapest while an Erasmus period I was completely unaware of the world of salsa. I have always loved dancing and at that time I had a lot of free time so I wanted to meet people and have some fun. One day in the way to class I saw a notice on the bulletin board of the university, and with my roommate we signed up for salsa classes in Hungarian. Hardly anyone spoke English, we had no idea of ​​Hungarian and we did not understand anything of what we were told. But with patience, copying the teacher’s steps and following the rhythm of the music we learned something in some way.

How I started going to dance

Once I was back in Barcelona I wanted to keep learning and improving my skills dancing salsa, so I searched in Google and the first thing that came to me was the school of salsa Buenavista in the Mojito Club. After I signed up I connected with the teachers and the people from the school immediately. In that same introductory course they offered to participate in a choreography that will be presented to the prom party at the club and of course I wanted to be in. We rehearsed every Sunday before the club opened and after that we stayed in the disco for a while. And so it was that, without wanting, I began to go out dancing. Gradually we were improving our “cubanito, dile que no, setenta...” and the more we went to dance the more anxious we were trying to find new places to practice our steps.

All that was a long time ago and since then my passion for dancing has grown a lot, I've done more courses, I have been formed in different dancing schools, I learned other dancing styles, and I have been going out to dance at many different places. I find normal wanting to live new experiences so I must admit that one of my hobbies when I am traveling is to type in Google: Where to dance salsa in (the city where you are)?

The problem: Search in the internet and not knowing where to go

I have visited different cities during this time and the result of all the research about where to go dancing salsa has never been what I expected. For example, If I found a place where to go to dance, It came to my mind the following questions; Will it be open? Will I like the style of music? What kind of people will go? Is it a private club? Will the people be too old or too young? Is it too expensive? ... And I could not believe that there was not a reliable website, trustworthy, with the updated, simple information to help me to answer those questions. I looked back on the internet and as there was any website like that, I thought why not to make it? And that is how it began to forge the idea of ​​go&dance.

The solution: Build your own business

I looked for a partner, we made numbers, we draw a plan and we launched the 4th of March, 2015. A web site where dancing fans find where to dance salsa, bachata or Kizomba wherever they are and professional dancers use the tool to create events and sell tickets while managing for free their artist pages or the pages of their locals, bars, clubs or dance halls.

Thanks to many people who have helped us along the way we have made this possible. We remain very excited to continue building this project in order to help more people enjoy dancing, to be aware of the benefits of dancing, do some exercise, to have a great time and definitely living new amazing experiences.