It has been long time since I dance salsa and bachata so I can say that I know the best places to go dancing in Barcelona, ​​my city.

Although I know where to go, every day is different. Every day there is a different poster, there are guest artists, shows, workshops and many other surprises.

The way you have to know everything that happens in the world of dance is through Facebook (losing long), through a friend using WhatsApp or through go&dance.

If this world works this way, why does go&dance exist?

Because we believe in a better world thanks to dance and we know that our grain of sand to make a happier world is to bring dance to all corners of the world to help you know where to go dancing or learning to dance wherever you are.

In fact, we envision a world where only entering at, in seconds you could decide where to go dancing, you could plan it with your friends, and where you can buy the ticket no matter where you are.

This is our dream, our vision and the great challenge that we are conducting.

How are we going to bring dance to everyone in the world?

By making life easier for people who dedicate themselves professionally to the world of dance. All those whose greatest desire is to organize courses, parties, congresses, festivals and concerts of the world of dance for your entertainment and  happiness.

Helping through go&dance that each organizer can create the events  he organizes, his dance hall to go dancing, his dance school where to learn how to dance and his artist pages.

We believe this is the best way to have all the updated information so that when hanging the event or course, if it matches your taste you will be the first to know, while they avoid worrying about the ticketing, the promoters and participants involved in each event or course.

So we have put technology at the service of the people creating the necessary tools to make life easier for the professional dancer and for In order to allow you can find out where to go dancing and buy tickets for your next event.

It sounds good, right? As much remains to be done.

We are aware that we need many schools, many organizers, many dance halls and many artists worldwide to achieve our mission missing.

But it makes us happy to know that with every place and event that a registered professional adds in go&dance we get closer to our goal.

10 tools that are available for professional dance & dance go

These are the tools that we have created to organize events.

  1. Auto-create events, ballrooms, dance schools and pages artist
  2. 2. Great segmentation. Artists, dance types, location and type of event.
  3. Add the event program
  4. Online ticket sales with multiple options for creating entries and progressive rates
  5. Management fully secure payments and with different methods of secure payment
  6. Panel event management with statistics
  7. Management assistants
  8. Accreditation of assistants
  9. Creating promoter codes and Discount codes
  10. Sale integrated into your own website

We keep working to improve everything that allows us to approach our great challenge to make a happier world through dance.

So if you are one of those people who have discovered that dancing makes you happy, help us to improve the world spreading what you feel when you dance with your friends and family.

We believe in improving the lives of people through dance and we need to maximize our dissemination and the use of go&dance.

Thank you very much!