If you have a place where dance classes such as salsa, tango, hip hop, rumba, chachacha, bachata or any other dance classes are taught, you can upload all dance class schedules to go&dance and sell the free dance plazas of each class.

To create the first dance course you must follow these steps:

1. Be registered in go&dance

To create a dance course you must be registered with go&dance, if you are not registered you can do it here. We recommend that you use your usual email address so that you can take full advantage of the service.

If you are already registered you will only have to log in on the site.

2. Create a professional account


If you don't have a professional account yet, go to the Professionals area and you will see this screen.



Create your professional account by clicking on the "Create professional account" button.

Doing so will allow you to create dance events, create dance courses, create local pages and create artists' pages.

3. Create a place in go&dance

To create a dance course you must have a local in your go&dance account, so if you don't have any local in your account and you want to create your first course you will see this screen.



You can create your own school or look in the directory of schools or dance halls of go&dance and if it is in the list, go to the page and assign yourself the location by clicking on "Is this business yours?" just below the schedules.

If your location is not in the school directory you can create a location for free.

If you already have the location where the dance classes are held assigned to your account, skip this step.

4. Add billing information

Click on create course from your school's website or from the "My courses" section of the professionals area.

If this is the first time you create a course, you will see the contract of commission agents so that you can see the commercial conditions.

To publish a course you must add the billing information and validate the commercial conditions so that we can make the transfer with the money paid by the customer.

If you have already added your billing information, you only need to validate the terms and conditions once.

5. Create the first dance course

Now you can create your first dance course and publish it in the go&dance dance schools with classes list.

When you access the page to create the dance class you will see this form (example data) and you must add all the data and click continue.

We have created a Basic level Cuban Salsa course as an example in a school invented in the "False School" and have chosen the Salsa Cubana dance style.

The course has a duration of 12 hours and the total price of the course is 120 €, we offer 20 places for sale and allow tickets to be sold once it has started. The course is with Professors David & Gemma and is repeated every Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00 from January 11, 2016 to April 1, 2016.

Finally you will see the dance course in your professional area in the section "My courses" as well.

6. Create more dance courses quickly

Once the first course is created, if you go to the "My courses" section of the professional area you will see the course created and published as follows.

Then go to the configuration wheel and click on "create courses by copying data". You can create a new course by copying all the data from the previous course and making modifications either in the dance style, or in the level, or in the teachers, or in the schedules, or in the field you want, and you can create all the dance courses for the term.

If you have any questions, please contact us from the contact area and we will be happy to help you. Or you can watch the following video explained step by step.

If you have any more questions. Write to us at info@goandance.com